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Thursday, April 27, 2006

HAHA.im banned from using comp at home.but i still use.y?duno.tomolo english paper liao.sian ah.long time nvr post liao..hope i dun fail.
Few days nvr go my blog onli then saw so mani new tags=.=.afiq just cant stop crapping.good.
Today went into e class greeted by theckyee,zhikai,afiq and xuanyu's stares.Then xuanyu come n grab me=.=..theck yee hold my hand.then afiq come n *rape* me.ey unbutton 4 buttons onli luckily.Xy is sick.he took a video=.=..
Home Econs dam fun.We made hawaiian tart for our 1st try,in e test.we replaced confectioner sugar with icing sugar,corn starch with tapioca flour,pineapple preserves with fresh pineapple pieces,grainulated sugar with home sugar.
I think we r suppose to use a mini cup to measure e flour,but we use a drinking cup.turns out to be too big,and we poured 1/2 cup of grainulated sugar together with egg and mix.then we notice that theres too much sugar,and we poured alot of pineapple and coconut pieces into e mixture and stir.then we just leave it untouched for quite long.E dough we just any how make also.used 1 WHOLE CUP OF BUTTER for it.
Surprisingly the finished tarts was quite nice.

Norman Au.

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