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Thursday, May 18, 2006

My MYE results are as followed

English 60.7 (B4)
Chinese 55.0 (C6)
Maths 86.0 (A1)
Science 73.5 (A2)
Geog 64.0 (B4)

Lol i improved!especialli my MotherTounge!from 22.5-55 marks!woooooooooo~.
But my overall i think still fail.Now look at afiq's post.

During the 1st lesson,the cher wasn't in,the class boys started singing and singing,louder and louder.Suddenly the cher came and looked at us through the window n open her eyes like going to drop.She just stood there like statue for a few minutes.Then she came in and scold afiq and syafiq.haha.All the time she look like a zombie.

Afiq kena Bday bash.LOL
*knock into leslie during recess
*leslie's hand hit milo cup
*milo cup spill
*milo drench jeryl's pants.
*Afiq blames Aizat,saying that aizat push him.
*Jeryl dun belief(duh)
*We ran to class and bash afiq up.
*Afiq took syafiq's wallet during the bash and syafiq din notice.
*Afiq complains "ouch..not pain!"

English lesson was fun?maybe.The cher tells us to hand up the english files.But i forgot to bring.She got so mad that she say bring tommorow.I dun think she notice that aizat,daryl,syafiq and e change places.Maybe she did,but din care.

And what is the class outing about?Anyone tell me?
Thats all for today i guess.

Norman Au.

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