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Friday, May 19, 2006

Spirit of the coin!
Today was dam fun.We played a strange game using hands to tab.Very fun n crappy game.Played during geog lesson LOL.then bell ring then e geog cher walk behind us and say something about devil's play crap.No idea what that means also.
Then she check whether if we done our work.
She ask issit we all do one.
Afiq replied"No.*takes out a coin*It was the spirit of the coin.."
That is when the coin-joke came about.

NCC dismiss early today.arnd 4.30pm lol.walked around,then went back to class.Ashraf and Aizat took off thier shirts in class cos other than them only got me and nash. HERE COMES JIAMIN AND EUNICE.Came from the unlocked backdoor.Ashraf and Aizat screamed when they say jiamin open the door.I rush quickly to close the door.dunno if the 2 gals see anything anot.The screaming part is funny.

Went home after that.Now nash keep on pestering me to go out with them to CCK stadium tommorow.I DON'T WANT =.=...cannot take it alrdy then i told him "maybe ill go..tomorrow then i confirm with u",he then happy then hang up.Tiring..

And i remmbered NYAA the soccer cher call us(2/3 soccer ppls) to think of a joke and tell it to him on tuesday.Can't find a reason why wud he want it for.

Post end.

Norman Au.

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