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Friday, May 26, 2006

Wednesday nyaa was FUN.Maybe not entirely nyaa thats fun.learnt many new things through nyaa.Learnt how to run wif the ball and turn wif the ball.Complicated sia.Do so many times didnt even get 1 correct =x After nyaa me afiq nash syafiq leslie jeryl daryl played soccer.Aizat nid to serve detention so cannot play with us.Got cramp at during the game and `fell'.After that we went back and waited for aizat to finish his detention and went home.

Thursday was boring zz..Science cher nvr come.No science spa.But register 21-40 nid to do make-up on comin monday.

Today woke up at 5.00am=.=.Went out at 5.40 and meet up wif nash and aizat b4 meeting up wif jeryl.
Cross country i got 33rd position!!!
Improve alrdy,but 3 more and i cud get a medal!!
During the entire cross country race, i was beside/behind a little/in front a little of aizat.
Sprinted the last stretch of road,hoping to catch up with aizat at least.But alrdy too late,only a few meters behind him seh.
In the end,our positions were:
Me(33rd position)
Aizat(32nd position)
Ziming(31st position)
Afiq(12th position)

Btw,who picked the colour for our class tee shirt?

Norman Au.

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