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Thursday, June 08, 2006

About the class trip to sentosa-

Well..at least half the class went.

Took cable car to sentosa with junting and got lost in sentosa.
Asked a worker there how to reach palawan beach.
Reached palawan beach.

Most of the time we were in the water.
But it was fun.
Junting got stung by a jellyfish while swimming in the deeper waters.
Ever since then,hafeez have a conclusion that i am afraid of jellyfish.
(reason unknown)
Of all the people who went there,xuan yu arrived the latest(4+ or 5+ pm)
At least he came.

We played soccer in the later part of the outing with ppl we don't noe.
We started losing rite after zhiyang went off.

These are only a little of what we done in sentosa.
For those who missed the outing delebrately, good.
For those who missed the outing due to some reason:
hopefully there will be another outing soon/next time


NCC camp is coming soon.npcc came is coming to an end soon.
Y is ncc later than npcc camp this year leh,the earlier it is,the earlier the camp ends.
Which is good.
I wonder will the part A be able to endure through the camp.
Many people dun like the current ncc part A's.
That includes me.
Some of them,that is,not all.

Today went to sakura restaurant to eat.
The food are not entirely nice to eat..but still can la.
i like the raw salmond though,v nice.and the grilled salmond.


if you are bored,visit this site.

Norman Au.

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