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Friday, June 09, 2006

Today woke up at arnd 8.00 and started using comp liao=x.
Use use use..until arnd 12.00 then i go out meet withsome pri sch frens.
Came down from the LRT just to see chuanyong and gabriel waiting for me.
And i am the shortest guy there.

Duno why gabriel suddenly grow so tall liao =.=.maybe he was forced to drink some kinda tonic soup or wadeva.
ChuanYong sorta stopped growing taller already.
And bernard..same height as me=D.
Cant believe ji an is 266cm tall.

First we went to buy movie tickets for the movie`The BenchWarmers'.
The movie is at 2.00pm..and we bought the ticket at arnd 1.20..so we went to the arcade n play till around 1.50.
Chuanyong keep winning.Must be luck though.Ha.

Went to watch the movie together then.
Hilarious movie.
Scenes of:
Ppl eating sunblock..
Baseballbats flying around..
Old man pointing middle finger..
Gay man always wearing only underwear(even if its a public place)..
Twisting of nipples(very common in the movie)

Went to macdonalds and chit-chat with they all.
Ji an was constantly being bullied.
Yunliang and gabriel went home after we left mac.
Me,chuanyong and bernard seperated from the rest.

Went to bernard's house then.
He got 2 dogs alrdy=.=.And he got a pull up bar recently!!!
The dogs are kinda cute..the male one goes crazy when he see HUMAN.
(presume it wun go crazy if it saw ji an)
Played ps2 for a while b4 me and chuanyong left his house and went home.

Norman Au.

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