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Friday, July 07, 2006

About the vandalism found in our class.
Heres the pictures i took with aizat on the day itself:

*This here shows that the person who did this might have some connection with 2/4.I am only assuming though.And this also cause it to look like we have done the vandalism.*

*This here shows that the person who did this try to saboh us.It seems dam stupid.Afterall,who whud vandalise thier own classroom walls and report themselves?
But the dumb `investigators'seem to to so DUMB that they relli think we did that.Cud they get any cleverer?i guess not.*

We were punished by the chers to clean our classroom tables n chairs vandalism.wtf?
We reported it to them,which they say they will investigate.so they investigate.. ..and somehow,manage to think we did it.
We were also scolded as we did not lock the classroom doors everyday when the last person of the class leaves.But its not as if the other classes do that.
At least our doors are closed.Others are even seen left open.
The `investigators'words sound so dumb to me,and i think im not the only one who feels that way.
Investigate what shit,mite as well not.

2/4 n 2/6 both have silver spray cans on the day of vandalism,but it does not mean they did it though.

Sorry bout post being abit too straightforward.
Soccer is fun.
Just realised ive been going home late since the term started.
i think im gonna stop going out so often alrdy,maybe a little lesser.

Was supposed to go home today at 12.00.
Went to bus stop with jeryl,and sat thr for quite long.
Suddenly realised i did not bring back my science txtbk for my tuition on sunday and ran back and left jeryl t go home himself.

Decided to go to the school libraryto find my ipw group.
Stayed at the library and discussed what to do for ipw for a while b4 my group members went to prayers.
Went back to class.Zandra,Xuanyu,Jiamin,Serene,Zhi yang was in class.
Talk n talk n talk till all of us left,and afiq came back.

Then,went to play soccer in west coast with afiq,nash,syafiq,shairazi,shazwi,hakim,aizat,ashraf and a fren(i forgot the name).
It was fun,as always.
Played till around 4.30pm,then went to macdonald to rest and eat something.
Went home after that.

Norman Au.

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