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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

*Complaint Post*
These few days nothing special happen leh,
Nvr go out much also.
Life is slowly getting more and more boring,
zz..and i am becoming less crappy in class.
Is it good?

Able to study and concentrate better.
Wun get into so much trouble in class.
Wun invite chers attention.('cept mdm Ng,who aims all)

not that fun
not that cheerful

What should i choose?
I think i shall choose to be less crappy.
And i choose to be less crappy.
Changing and changing,
i wonder what makes me change to be less crappy.
i wonder what will others think of me being less crappy.
i wonder what will i be like?
Nowadays alot of Homework la!
wtf?why r there so much homework?!
We r expected to complete homework on time,
Or else we will get punished.
And we r supposed to mark and do corrections for ourselves,
Or else we will get punished TOO.
So..do the chers noe they give too much homework?i doubt so.
And what are the roles of the chers?

Take maths for example.So much homework everyday.
Science?some days no homework..den suddenly one day come about 3-4 worksheets.
English?Constantly alot of homework.
Chinese?Lucky the cher din chase too much.
But still alot homework,and i want to finish,dunoe why.
History?Ok la,not much.
Literature?Very little.Most are classwork,which is cool.

*Note:add dem together..issit alot?And to add on,this few weeks are our file period.The chers noe that too,but still give us this much homework.*

It doesn't matter if it is little to u,
It only matters is that it is alot to me.

U mite think there are lots of time,
but have u forgotten that:
There are CCAs.
There are Remedials.

+I am not a superman or whatever,I reach home need to rest also what.
Rest awhile do homework,den rest,den do homework,den rest.
U think spending everyday 1/2 the time doing homework is fun?

When adults see these,they will compare with themselves,
and some mite feel that they ca do it.
But..how can adults compare themselves with adolscents?
U think adults born den can liddat alrdy meh?
They slowly 'train' demselves to cop with it de what.
U think we got the time yet meh?
Life is not to do homework.

Teachers often reply to out complain of too much homework with:
1)'i got alot of classes to teach also u noe!?'
2)'how come he/she can do finish u cannot?excuses!'
3)'u all don't noe how to manage your time don't come and blame the teachers ok!?'

My replies:
1)..we also got alot of teachers that teach us.
In fact,we got more lessons than most teachers.
Don't forget some teachers don't hav to attend CCA.
And i don't think they will get punished if they return worksheets late.
If test papers are handed out late by dem,we cannot do anything.
So that means teachers have time.

2)I and him/her mite have different CCA.or worse,he dont have.
I and him/her are totally different persons.
I and him/her have different house environment,different parents,different speed at doing homework,diffent % of IQ,EQ whatever.
I mite be busy with things he/she didnt attend/join
(eg:dining with family outside,camping,tuition,learning new things like rugby)

3)Very limited time to complete homework.
Try doing this daily.
Arn't u the people who give us the amount of homework?
What if something suddenly crops up?

Ok,it is a little exagerating.
In any case,this is only my personal view.

What do you think?

Norman Au.

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