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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Today was generally a good day,except that i got scolded after school by maths cher bcos someone threw a paperball,hit my head,and i threw back.
She say i 'litter' the classroom.
Was so funny.Kept laffing and laffing even tho we were getting scolded,
for veri veri lame reasons.
Finally stopped laffing and someone said'eh?when he come in one?'
then we turned behind and saw nash,and this time,we laff and laff and laff until rolling on the floor.
The matsh cher think we crazy,get scolded still laff.

KickBoxing is fun,tiring,straneous,and cool.
i like kickboxing,altho i sometimes make mistakes,and hit aizat by accident,
which is painful.But i still like it.Aizat oso got punch me by accident.
But it is still fun.

Tml got NCC.im not in the contigeant bcos of the camp.
I feel that it is unfair,cos i sprained my leg badly on saturday evening,den the camp was on monday,but i still went for the camp,which mani ppl wud not.
They dun allow me to do this n that,and thus,i was not allowed to participate in this and that,and thus i did not get selected in the ndp.
zz..thinking of this everytime,i get irritated,cos i oso dun wan to sprain my leg 1 wat.
NCC,sec 1 i like it,sec2 term 1 like it,term 2 okok still like,term 3 dun quite like,and term 4 havent come yet.

Norman Au.

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