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Saturday, August 26, 2006

As this post is going to be quite long,it will be break down into 4 categories.
2)Bus trip
3)The trip (1) & (2)
4)The real trip.

1)Today went out at 10.10am den reach home at 8.26pm.
1st, me ashraf afiq went to rasyid's hse to do IPW rehersal.We reached his hse and started planning what to do,den ate maggie at rasyid's hse.Rasyid realises that hafeez draws porn.yes,porn.naked dragon.OMG
After finishing on our IPW rehearsal,me afiq ashraf and rasyid met up wif nash and went
for Macritche

2)We took a bus ride to macritche.It was hilarious as someone was singing'halelujah' thruout the bus trip.Me and afiq laff until cannot stop.We finally found the source of the 'music',an old man wearing pink shirt.The singing was VERY high peeched.The guy bside afiq kept laffing like me n afiq.


3)The Trip (1)

Once upon a time,there was a small town, where ppl were living happily, until the great beast came.The town was den under constant attack by the beast,and in the hope of saving the town,5 brave
men stepped forth to kill the great beast.They were rasyid,afiq,nash,ashraf and norman.

The Great beast lived in a huge jungle,where only the strongest can survive through the journey.On a 'bright and sunny' day,the 5 men took off on the magical journey to kill the beast..

After a few hours, they came upon a fountain of water,which they use to recharge their mana to the fullest.


The Trip (2)

The men ventured into the deeper parts of the jungle,where its danger level is higher than b4.The men got lost halfway through the trip and noticed that rasyid is missing.

Soon after,the men saw rasyid DEAD near a monkey infested area beside a pond.

This made the 4 remaining men more determined to kill the beast,thus they decided to split up ..

Afiq's podcast:tag if u wan me to send u.
Norman's podcast:tag if u wan me to send u.
Ashraf's podcast:tag if u wan me to send u.
Nash's podcast:tag if u wan me to send u.

They were lost for 2days and reunited again after that.
Reunited podcast:tag if u wan me to send u.

They head for the beast immediately ... ...
and found out that the entrance to the beast is closed as they were late by 10mins.The end.

The real trip (1)
Me(norman) afiq nash rasyid and ashraf reached macritche at arnd 3.00pm and headed off towards the treetopwalk.

10 minutes later rasyid realise he have to go home and he went home.After that we continue on and got lost.We soon found ourselves and continue on the journey and saw some monkeys.

We continued our long walk and soon reached a place where we saw a green house far ahead(which is when we took our podcasts).Forgot to mention that we took another podcast b4 that.

Main Podcast:tag if u wan me to send u.

The real trip (2)
Soon(bout 30mins later) after we reached the juletong tower.
The Juletong tower:

The Big Climb:

It is quite high(the juletong tower),and i heard from afiq that the treetopwalk is higher than it and much more scarier.
Height(look at the size of the ppl zommed in):

The view from the juletong tower(also veri cool):

After that we continued our journey and when we are nearing the treetopwalk,nash got tired and started slowing down(slowing down terribly)
Saw a huge lizardon our way:

and also an ant as big as a leave:

Finally,at 4.55 pm,we reached the entrance!!!
And it was closed.The ranger was dam rude,just said:
go back go back!(den we said huh)CLOSED!
There are couple of reasons why we were late:
1)We shudnt have played so much during the trip
2)we don't noe it closes at what time
4)The ranger wasn't so strict
5)we didnt rest on the juletong tower

My long post have finally ended.Bye.

Norman Au.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

im trying to change my blogskin as fast as possible,realised my current one is too small.
this explains why i have not been updating my blog for so long.
anyway,i also been to the ncc camp feast.
kind of boring and lame,only sometimes fun.
shall elaborate more on my nxt post,which may be either tml,tml's tml or the day after it.

Norman Au.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Today played soccer with frens after school and guess what.i got 'shot in the face' pretty badly,so much that i got a small cut between my left eye and left eyebrow.

Anyway..lets look at some cute pics by me n afiQ


Now..for ambigrams I MADE.afiQ may upload his in his blog..thats what he said he will..but i nt sure,so ask him.

Thats all.Comments pls!=X

Norman Au.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

From now on,the 'extras'navigation of my blog will be updated wif videos and other stuffs and will/will not be removed.
Each update will be informed thru here.

*Site clock updated*
*Do not click navigation updated*
*Syafiq's crap vid. uloaded


Went to bukit batok secondary school after school today for dental appt.
Shall not post today,as thr's quite alot of homework to be done,
And improvement to my blog.

Norman Au.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Name ten people:
01. nash
02. afiq
03. daryl
04. zandra
05. aizat
06. anne tan
07. jiamin
08. theckyee
09. ziming
10. serene

01. what celebrity does #5 look like?
** none that i know of.

02. what is one thing that #7 hates?
** Mdm Ng

03. if #2 jumped off a bridge, would you jump
** Depends on the distance between the ground and the bridge.

04. when and how did you meet #3?
** Last year.I saw him.He saw me.

05. what would you do if #4 died?
** ..cry?

06. what's a secret about #1?
** he have secrets???

07. what can you see #6 growing up to be?
** i cannot see.

08. do you have a nickname for #8?
** My xiong1 di4.

09. what do you hate about #9?
** nothing,dun hate him.

10. where does #5 live?
** at his home.

11. what does #8 do for fun?
** Basketball

12. who is #10 going out with?
** nisa arh?or saw?

13. what's #9's nickname?
** ziming.

14. what is one random fact about #7?
** her name is jiamin.relli.

15. how long have you known #1?
** Since sec1,but feels like eternity.hell.

16. why is #4 your friend?
** bcos she is my fren.

17. is #3 the love of your life?
** NO.dun try to scare me.

18. what's an insider between you and #2?
** We are not gays.

19. what are the last four digits in #6's phone
** 4181

20. what is #10 known for?
** a girl.

21. how much do you love #7?
** normal fren.

22. what's #5's middle name?
** ...nur?

23. where does #9 shop?
** how wud i noe?

25. describe #4 in one word?
** girl.

26. what was the nicest thing #2 ever did for
** help me wif my tie.

27. have you ever been in a fight with #10?
** I nvr fite wif ayone for a long time.

28. have you ever been to #6's house?
** once.

29. what's #3's deepest fear?
** i guess is not talking.

30. what was the craziest thing you ever did
with #1?
** tell him to..shut up.

Norman Au.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

i realiesed i havent been blogging for quite a while.
Haha.want to noe why?relli?
i will tell anyway.Its cos i dun wan to blog for these few days.

Go to youtube.com and type 'the daily show' to watch some funny vids which i find funny.
i relli relli cant find any topics to post these fewdays anyway.

Ok.Now lets talk about our CM.
is our Cm that bad?!
i find her damn funny at times,like when she scold ppl and irritate the person until the person cannot take it any longer.
Example me.i did not pass up my spontaneous writing for 2 days consequetive and she asked for my book 9 times in class,one time outside staffroom and whereever she saw me.

Altho it is extremely irritating,it is funny,especially her face.
*Picture will be removed after a day or 2.*
The main thing abt her that i makes me laff is her facial espression and her voice.She seems to enjoy nagging.She loves her job,even our english files have to be perfect.But you can always see her in the busstop immediatly after school almost daily..so ..i am not sure abt the sentence which i said she loves her job.

Many ppl dun like her.
Reason:i dunoe,im not mani ppl.im only me.

Reasons why she is funny

She got good fashion sense(one piece clothings)
She got big mouth and endurance
Her face


Norman Au.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Today..one of the greatest day.coooooooooool.
Let me summarize.
1st,me syafiq and daryl drew 'cute' monsters.very funny.
Pics:Shall be uploaded when blogger's uploader can work again.
Mountain goats are one of the funniest.

Recess was fun too.we sat on a bench below our class and clapped whenever anyone passes through the lane in front of us.Den suddenly miss ker walked pass the lane den saw the pupils on the ledge.This time everyone walked back to class.Me and some frens were on e bench and laffing den we slowly walk back to class also.

Went back.Maths lesson."happy 6thweek aniversary"dedicated to the maths cher.Our 'Cute'land.
Pics:Shall be uploaded when blogger's uploader can work again.
She did not erase the drawing even after her lesson ended!Very surprised.Oh ya.and i kept spraying the sparking citrus today.

Mdm Ng this remedial is surprisingly crappy.This will be recorded down in the record of a lifetime.and afiQ mussed it.so sad.She was crapped up by daryl's crappy crap,which makes her face turn crap,and talk crap,which made me and syafiq laff like crap.I elaborated only a little on this,tho this is the most funniest part of the day.Daryl was named blackpepper crap/crab by mdm ng HERSELF.

After remedial,There was flamethrowing practices.
Videos:i am lazy to upload!!!next time!

Kickboxing was fun today,as usual.Anyway,ashraf,afiq,peckyong nvr go for aikido today!Why?
Afiq absent from school.
Peckyong got TAF cluster games.
Asraf i dunoe.
KickBoxing.Funfunfun,the instructor.. sTyLe~!
Target practice is veri cool.

Anyway,i cant post the ambigrams which i just scanned into my comp.
Next time again.

Norman Au.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Did 2 other ambigrams of my frens alrdy.
Shall decide whether to post it anot nxt time.
tml is chers day performance 'audition'.
But tml oso got kickboxing,dunoe which one to go.Just realised a got lots of maths hw i done alrdy in my bag but im just too lazy to hand em up.
Eg revision ws,study grp,etcetc.
So cher thought i not doing hw,but i dun care anyway.

Realised that i have to wear PE kit every tuesday,wednesday,thursday and friday.
NO more rugby!i am abit happy cos i dun actually like touchrugby,but its still not that bad.
Anyway,blogging is fun.But these few days just cant seem to find much time to blog.
Homework.MATHS.OMG.too much lar.
My cousin sent me this email of this pic:
What is the driver doing???

Norman Au.

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