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Saturday, August 26, 2006

As this post is going to be quite long,it will be break down into 4 categories.
2)Bus trip
3)The trip (1) & (2)
4)The real trip.

1)Today went out at 10.10am den reach home at 8.26pm.
1st, me ashraf afiq went to rasyid's hse to do IPW rehersal.We reached his hse and started planning what to do,den ate maggie at rasyid's hse.Rasyid realises that hafeez draws porn.yes,porn.naked dragon.OMG
After finishing on our IPW rehearsal,me afiq ashraf and rasyid met up wif nash and went
for Macritche

2)We took a bus ride to macritche.It was hilarious as someone was singing'halelujah' thruout the bus trip.Me and afiq laff until cannot stop.We finally found the source of the 'music',an old man wearing pink shirt.The singing was VERY high peeched.The guy bside afiq kept laffing like me n afiq.


3)The Trip (1)

Once upon a time,there was a small town, where ppl were living happily, until the great beast came.The town was den under constant attack by the beast,and in the hope of saving the town,5 brave
men stepped forth to kill the great beast.They were rasyid,afiq,nash,ashraf and norman.

The Great beast lived in a huge jungle,where only the strongest can survive through the journey.On a 'bright and sunny' day,the 5 men took off on the magical journey to kill the beast..

After a few hours, they came upon a fountain of water,which they use to recharge their mana to the fullest.


The Trip (2)

The men ventured into the deeper parts of the jungle,where its danger level is higher than b4.The men got lost halfway through the trip and noticed that rasyid is missing.

Soon after,the men saw rasyid DEAD near a monkey infested area beside a pond.

This made the 4 remaining men more determined to kill the beast,thus they decided to split up ..

Afiq's podcast:tag if u wan me to send u.
Norman's podcast:tag if u wan me to send u.
Ashraf's podcast:tag if u wan me to send u.
Nash's podcast:tag if u wan me to send u.

They were lost for 2days and reunited again after that.
Reunited podcast:tag if u wan me to send u.

They head for the beast immediately ... ...
and found out that the entrance to the beast is closed as they were late by 10mins.The end.

The real trip (1)
Me(norman) afiq nash rasyid and ashraf reached macritche at arnd 3.00pm and headed off towards the treetopwalk.

10 minutes later rasyid realise he have to go home and he went home.After that we continue on and got lost.We soon found ourselves and continue on the journey and saw some monkeys.

We continued our long walk and soon reached a place where we saw a green house far ahead(which is when we took our podcasts).Forgot to mention that we took another podcast b4 that.

Main Podcast:tag if u wan me to send u.

The real trip (2)
Soon(bout 30mins later) after we reached the juletong tower.
The Juletong tower:

The Big Climb:

It is quite high(the juletong tower),and i heard from afiq that the treetopwalk is higher than it and much more scarier.
Height(look at the size of the ppl zommed in):

The view from the juletong tower(also veri cool):

After that we continued our journey and when we are nearing the treetopwalk,nash got tired and started slowing down(slowing down terribly)
Saw a huge lizardon our way:

and also an ant as big as a leave:

Finally,at 4.55 pm,we reached the entrance!!!
And it was closed.The ranger was dam rude,just said:
go back go back!(den we said huh)CLOSED!
There are couple of reasons why we were late:
1)We shudnt have played so much during the trip
2)we don't noe it closes at what time
4)The ranger wasn't so strict
5)we didnt rest on the juletong tower

My long post have finally ended.Bye.

Norman Au.

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