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Saturday, August 12, 2006

i realiesed i havent been blogging for quite a while.
Haha.want to noe why?relli?
i will tell anyway.Its cos i dun wan to blog for these few days.

Go to youtube.com and type 'the daily show' to watch some funny vids which i find funny.
i relli relli cant find any topics to post these fewdays anyway.

Ok.Now lets talk about our CM.
is our Cm that bad?!
i find her damn funny at times,like when she scold ppl and irritate the person until the person cannot take it any longer.
Example me.i did not pass up my spontaneous writing for 2 days consequetive and she asked for my book 9 times in class,one time outside staffroom and whereever she saw me.

Altho it is extremely irritating,it is funny,especially her face.
*Picture will be removed after a day or 2.*
The main thing abt her that i makes me laff is her facial espression and her voice.She seems to enjoy nagging.She loves her job,even our english files have to be perfect.But you can always see her in the busstop immediatly after school almost daily..so ..i am not sure abt the sentence which i said she loves her job.

Many ppl dun like her.
Reason:i dunoe,im not mani ppl.im only me.

Reasons why she is funny

She got good fashion sense(one piece clothings)
She got big mouth and endurance
Her face


Norman Au.

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