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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ok .

Lets start wif friday, the tough ncc training.I shall give a detailed recall. It all started... ... during ncc. The training was soooooo tough... ... that we all felt very tired. amazing? yes .

Now, we shall talk about saturday.. which is yesterday too. Nth much, just that some CSS pupils went to ngee ann poly for science conference.( Afiq, Norman*me*, Rasyid, Wilkins, Waihon, ChinHwee, Jingjie, "Bigshot", Hannah, Delphine, Atiquah, Nasuha, Rafeek, and others whom i duno e names or dun remmbr.)

Ngee Ann Poly!(covered by a tree)

Now for today, went JE Library to study for the commontest with rasyid afiq nash and ragu.Dam fun.Words cannot describe how fun it is. Pictures can. Videos cannot.But the picture u are going to view next is a picture just before we go home which is nite time.We called a passerby to help us take this photo.

Next, me ragu and nash at the bus-stop.I saw a nice view of a 'waste' land so i decided to take a photo.However something else is in the photo.. ..(note* the image next mite cause you to faint,vomit,die.It is wise to navigate away tho it is too late now.)

I duno why it cant be viewed in computer tho.it refers to 'the thing'..

while walking home that time(me afiq nash ragu), someone was guiving out fliers . Everyone was walking past him w/o taking any. V sad. i decided to make the guy happy.I walk beside him, wif my arm outstretched..and this caught his attention.He place a flier in my hand(which i wanted him to do), and i took it(i guess he was relieved)...
...and crushed it again rite infront of him.
Oh and video section updated.
And google search bar inserted.
And shifting of things have been done.

Norman Au.

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