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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Illegal blogging.

*Exageration and personal comments are found here*
* No defamation, or you are so dead. *

Which means no scolding of teachers in your blog, school, whatever you are unhappy with.. .. or prepare to get sued. Because they are afraid of the tarnishing of reputation.

In the case of teachers,

" Oh.My.God. " says the teacher. " YOU actually dare to write bad about ME in your BLOG to let EVERYONE SEE??? YOU my friend, is defaming me, thus i WILL sue you." Great. so great that if you think of it, most people don't even know the post existed. Thus, the teacher sued the person( most likely a student).

The next day, the newspapers headlines. " Student defames teacher in blog ". Aharh! NOW EVERYONE KNOWS OF THE POST :) , and its all the students fault for writing in blog.


In the case of schools,
Some discipline comittee members " ~~~ ~~~ "

* Help others.
* Don't cause nuisance.
* Be polite.
* Do not crap.
* Must be neat and proper.
* Be kind.

"However, if you are not in school uniform, all these rules are permitted."
Discipline committee " How many times must i remind you students not to cause a nuisance outside the school in your school uniform??? By doing that, you are tarnishing the school's reputation!!!

So... ... does that means we are allowed to do these outside???

In the case of businesses,

Eh. Dunno leh. I not that age yet.



Norman Au.

Blogged at 5:52 PM, +8 GMT


i never read newspapers;

if that's the case, i might get sued by my teacherS or school mates;

By Blogger xueni ;, at October 31, 2006 8:28 PM  

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Splinter Cell, Counterstrike2 and more.

Videos available!!! I Shall not post so many videos today as if posting too much videos, people will be lazy to see. But if you are really interested, go to these links.

* Hiphop dancing (improved from previous dance)
* NS mens
* Gangfight of doom

1st video up! Splinter Cell!!! Its abit messy, but still quite ok i hope.

2nd video up! Improved version counterstrike of previous video!!!


Feel free to comment on the videos. Will improve on it..

Norman Au.

Blogged at 11:31 PM, +8 GMT


you and your friends are so kou ai ehx;
me like you all da CS video;
funni ehx; xD

By Blogger xueni ;, at October 31, 2006 8:32 PM  

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

(All are my opinions or pure crap.)

I know the title of this post is idiotic, but lets get to the point. This post is about smoking.
I hate smokers!!! They kill themselves still not enough, must smoke and smoke until PSI level increase until unhealthy level, then affect everyone.

First, you waste money on cigarettes. Next, some smokers even purposely puff out the smoke infront of people or just inside the lift. These kind of inconsiderate people I think when dying that time instead of oxygen mask just give then a boost of smoke, which will lead them to immediate recovery of whatever illnesses they are having.

These people are hopeless. They believe smoking is cool. They believe people look up to them. They believe people admire their courage to smoke. And last of all, they believe non-smokers want to smoke but cannot afford to. Why do i say that? Then why do they purposely smoke directly infront of others???

Singapore did not ban smoking for these reasons :
*Loss of money.
*Do not want the heavily chained smokers to die.
*Believe in the people.

The government hope that Singaporeans are clever enough to quit smoking or rather to not even start smoking. Disappointing enough, many people still smoke, and even love it. Thus, Singapore has no choice but to increase the price of cigarettes. However, smokers got the wrong message. They blame the government for wanting them to be bankrupt.

*No grudge against people who are doing their best to quit smoking.*

!!! !!! !!! !!! COMMENTS !!! !!! !!! !!!


Norman Au.

Blogged at 8:10 PM, +8 GMT


Don't flame me. it produces smoke.

By Blogger Norman, at October 31, 2006 1:46 PM  

the psi of a smoker in a hdb size bedroom is about 750

By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 01, 2006 4:59 PM  

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

NCC in my school.
(All are my personal comments)

History record :
Saturday, 10.25pm

When i first joined NCC in my school, it looks interesting. However, the truth soon came to me one fine NCC training day. The seniors suddenly pump us like around 70. At that time was too much for us, since we were sec1 and weak. However, we were not spared from any trainings, which include Physical training.

This physical training is much tougher than what we are having now as sec2. Why? Because of complaints. They complain here and there, there and here, then everywhere. Parents are afraid they might get a scratch, then need to blow off the great amount of dirt, accumulated by the open wound, while the platelets are trying thier best to clot the blood, so that you'll get a major blood clot, and DIE.

I cannot actually believe that my sec1 NCC life was much much much much more tougher than my sec2 NCC life. Further more to prove that NCC standard in my school has dropped and not only my part/section/whatever, just look at the current sec1's. All small small, thin thin.

I hope, after my batch take over NCC in my school, it will bring NCC back to its formal glory. Cause now see already also sian. ASHRAF will be happy i posted this.


Norman Au.

Blogged at 10:01 PM, +8 GMT


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Friday, October 27, 2006

Counterstrike, Sec2 split.
Ok. Secondary 2 life is officially over, so no point to keep on thinking about it, since it doesn't and will not change the fact that all has ended, But getting sad nevermind... and note that everyone is blogging about it.

To all TwoThree '06. Please remember to visit the class-blog often!

The popular online game, Counter strike, played by these professional player.

Of course, these professionals also danced well.


But today nash and amad syafiq went to open a door. Me and afiq walk the other exit, saw that a old man was painting on the opposite side of the door that nash and syafiq was going to open. So when they open, the artist got a shocked. I believe that the painting is ruined.

There is nothing much to post about today already. Boring w/o school..agree???


Norman Au.

Blogged at 8:03 PM, +8 GMT


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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


As said in afiQ's blog...
Went to have a short archery stuff with the express students in my school, after that...when back to class. And then...

Ashraf: "Eh, only 14 dollars larh!!!"

So, I sat there, I said to myself, "Walau, he must have misplaced it somewhere."

And then...

Jeryl: Someone stole my iPod (nano).
Leslie: My Motorola V3 is gone.
Ashraf: My money is stolen.
Theck Yee: My mp3 is not in my bag.
Aizat: Walau!!! My phone is GONE!!!

I was like..."Oh my gosh!!!"

(Take note that what I write in my blog may not be exactly what they said just now, but the meaning is there.)

DAMN IT!!! This must be a theft case. How can so many valuable stuff "lost" at the same time? Damn it, if youre too poor and you cant buy anything, just admit it. No need to steal it from me or anyone else. No money? Go work!!! You bloody hell take other people's stuff and make their life difficult!!! The money put in to buy the phones and stuff...all gone. In a few hours...

Good thing my mp3 player and my wallet/money were not stolen. SO? I still helped the victims find suspects and so called investigate on the matter. And, my stomach ache really affect me a great deal, I cant really run, and I had this uneasy feeling in my body, so, whenever I was thinking, I would be distracted by the pain.

The staff didn't do much in trying to investigate this matter. They forgot "warmth", isnt that our school value? Isn't that what you always say to us?

So disappointing.

This is my view :

The ones/one who stole the items from our class is/are selfish idiots. They only care about themselves, not caring about the victims. And to know that it actually comes from our school.

These/This fucking selfish person/people, can't they find work??? Have to resort to stealing arh? Go and die larh. Die already better, at least people give money, which is what you all want. As in to buy coffins, and possibly incense paper.

And these people think they are so kind to not steal the girls things. Yea right, if they/he/she 's
so kind, would they steal at the first place?

Theres one thing to note though. Anyone realize that only our class got theft case? And that the vandalism also??? Which group of idiots did it? Or maybe a single idiot.


Now to the school discipline committee.(i know i have been criticizing alot)

Lets see.. .. from the looks of the previous case(vandalism in 2/3), we expect them NOT to help us already.

They will just :

*say it is our fault we never lock the door(we reported that the door spoil but no one repair),
*the class chairman never do duty,
*it is someone from OUR OWN CLASS(lame shit, obviously),
*If all else fails, say 'and boy WHY YOU WEAR ANKLE LENGTH SOCKS? KNOCK IT DOWN!'

So.. .. this time, me and daryl decide to do something idiotic..not really. We reported to mrs teo direct. She was different, as in totally. She was concerned, and never(and i mean never) change subject to ankle length socks or whatever crap when we report. She also did not blame any of our class pupils for stupid reason too.

So much unlike the discipline committee.

!!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!COMMENTS PLS!!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!


Norman Au.

Blogged at 9:50 PM, +8 GMT


Hey bro.

Lets not blame the "discipline committee" but the bloody,stupid,moronic and dumb chairman of yours.In my point of view,your Chairman should have something planned for the security of your classroom.For example,any responsible/reliable student from your class will have to be in the classroom at all time(Do shifts)

Since he the door was spoilt,why wasn't any action taken by your chairman.YOUR Chairman is somebody whom all of u voted as the most responsible and reliable person in your class right?As a Chairman,he SHOULD have come out with something THAT is why he is nominated as the Chairman.In my opinion he is not up for the job and should be sacked.

And let's not blame the school committee because YOU are suppose to be responsible enough to take care of your stuff.I bet CSS stated clearly that they won't be responsible for loss of handphone right or wrong?

These are just my 2 cent worth so PLEASE don't flame me.

By Blogger Style Doctor, at October 26, 2006 4:27 PM  

Don't worry won't blame you since you not from our school. NO ONE is supposed to stay in the classroom at that time(school rule).

The chairman reported it(the school tells us to do so and they promise to fix it). BTW class chairman is aizat from 6a... ... remember?

And our school discipline committee is seems bious(whatever the spelling) to our class.

By Blogger Norman, at October 26, 2006 6:47 PM  

"I bet CSS stated clearly that they won't be responsible for loss of handphone right or wrong?"

Well, the school did said that they are not responsible for our belongings, BUT, stealing is against the school rule, so, they still have to find the thief and such, and they are not.

"For example,any responsible/reliable student from your class will have to be in the classroom at all time(Do shifts)"

Erm, we are in a school, not working, we cant be doing that.

Ok, just corecting your (styledoctor) comments.

By Blogger AfiQ, at October 26, 2006 8:37 PM  

They will just :

*say it is our fault we never lock the door(we reported that the door spoil but no one repair),
*the class chairman never do duty,
*it is someone from OUR OWN CLASS(lame shit, obviously),
*If all else fails, say 'and boy WHY YOU WEAR ANKLE LENGTH SOCKS? KNOCK IT DOWN!'

I love this part. haha. It's very true la. This sch sucks. Full of excuses.

By Blogger ~*Jiamin*~, at October 26, 2006 10:22 PM  

Even if your school's discipline committee ia bias,what can you do abt it?Life was never a bed of roses.In fact it's better for you guys.Life is like that in the corporate world,the road towards success is never easy.

"Erm, we are in a school, not working, we cant be doing that."

Then be the first one to take the initiative.The school is like your second home isn't it?So,together with your classmates all of you should work together to prevent any more theft cases.

To summarise:As long as you don't bring ipod,mp3,mp4 and other gadgets,no one will steal them

By Blogger Style Doctor, at October 26, 2006 10:48 PM  

wad about wallets then? The most basic neccessity. We had to leave it in our bags too.

By Blogger Khaos, at October 27, 2006 12:13 AM  

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

WHOSE THE Failure?
Do these simple steps.
Go to http://google.com
Next, key in the word 'failure'. Click enter and wait for it to load.
Once it load finish, read the title of the 1st listing.
Flashback: You typed in 'failure', as in you searched for failure.

Norman Au.

Blogged at 10:49 PM, +8 GMT


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Monday, October 23, 2006

* To the postman in charge * Please pass it to my friend and request that he tear this email open to read it.
Au Hoe Sun Norman
Blk 181 Jelebu Road
Singapore 640537

23 October 2006

Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

Dear sir,

RE: Concern for a friend

I am a 14 year old norman, and i was typing this post. I am
typing this slowly, as i know you cannot read fast.

Knowing that you will be migrating to US tommorow,
I as a good friend, have bought you an airplane at the
toyshop for $5.95. It is of good condition.

In the case that you are lost in the US, you need not
worry. I have drawn out a world map for you. Im sure
it will be put to good use.

Forgot to mention that I sent some money yesterday
to your bank for you to buy a computer, since knowing
that your current one is unable to work. Please buy it
after you read this email.

Yours faithfully,
(i hope you are faithful too.)

Norman Au.

Blogged at 5:48 PM, +8 GMT


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Sunday, October 22, 2006

100th Post Day

Wooo. Today is the day.. .. the day of my life. My hundredth post!!!! !!!

Actually its my 104th post, but i just realised, so to commemorate this day, i shall think of another topic, which i did not and not able to. So i guess thats it today!!! Yay, isn't it joyous???



Tml E-learning day or what crap.. no need go school. Stay at home on comp, again the boring old procedure at home.


Norman Au.

Blogged at 11:09 PM, +8 GMT


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Warning, this post is gonna cause some unhappiness and disputes among some adults or whoever. Always remember this is just my PERSONAL OPINION.

Wtf is wrong with some of the parents in singapore these days??? Over-protective?, or simply just having a ridiculously ''siding-with-my-child-is-the-best'' attitude? Obviously siding with your child is ok larh, but don't side until so damn freaking ridiculous what.

For a start, if your child do something very wrong in school, some of you FORBIDS them to kena punish. If they get punish, you freaking complain to the teacher, the principal, the school, and if all else fails, you go for government. Do all these freaking long processes just to protect your child from getting what they deserve, and of course, ridiculously... ..

An example of one ridiculous parent, below.
Just now, i went kopitiam to eat. My elder brother nic, saw an empty seat and went for the seat to book it, a typical singaporean style. Out of a sudden, a young child walks to the seat, look at my brother and seat on the same table, staring at my brother all the time.

I know what you all will say, that is we should have given the seat to the little boy, but don't you think that little boy have parents/guardias? If don't have why the hell he came to Kopitiam to eat, w/o money.

Back to the story. Few minutes later, the mother came, and saw her son and my brother. She then proceeded to stare at my brother, and then spoke to her child LOUDLY

"Oh, you want seat here ah? But got some selfish people seat here already leh."

Fu*k that freaking mother, not literally of course. She didn't even bother to find out what happened, still dare to say so loudly. Obviously me and brother, as good citizens, did not cause trouble and walk away angryly(duh).


So what is wrong with the parents nowadays?!?!? You all think treating your child in this manner is good arh? You think they will learn from thier mistakes? The answer is obvious, NO. So the child will grow up, not having any experiences in life, soon wreaking and messing up thier aduilt life. Do these parents just never think, cannot think, or haven't thought about it?


Comments!!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

Norman Au.

Blogged at 12:10 AM, +8 GMT


I posted my comments in your tagboard, oh yeah...

go to..




By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 22, 2006 2:50 PM  

The parent of tat child should have gone for a course"How to be a parent".Bro,you can't blame the child but the mother.It's the attitude of the mother,just pray hard that the child don't pick up the bad habit from her.


By Blogger Style Doctor, at October 22, 2006 4:09 PM  

I agree totally with you!

By Blogger ~*Jiamin*~, at October 22, 2006 10:24 PM  

(to gary)yup make sense.lol. the mother is idiotically idiotic..aiyo.. singapore.. .. confirm wun la=x.

(to jiamin)..ok~!.

By Blogger Norman, at October 22, 2006 10:41 PM  

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Out of Ideas
Temporarily ran outta ideas to blog, mostly due to nothing happening today. basically just played, played and played chess, so might as well not talk about that. Nvm..try to find something anyway.

Oh, and here's the proof of the tight security(which is good)in Singapore.

Notice the amount of CAMERAS in this small part of the mrt station. There is even a big screen to show that all the cameras are in working condition, and the cameras are damn sharp, great, advanced, whatever.


OK, really outta ideas. So now I'll talk about why i discourage quizzes to be posted in blogs as posts~~~

Reasons for 'anti-quiz' as posts in blogs :
1) Define what is blogging

2) Quizzes??? Most of them i feel they are asking stupid Questions. Eg: What are you wearing now?!?!?!?!?!? As if people VERY INTERESTED in what you currently wearing, or perhaps this is your personal blog, when next time you browse through archive, you know what you have been wearing!!, that is..clothes!! isn't that actually like, soooooo GREAT???

3) Quizzes tend to be long, or else short also not nice, no one will put. But long ones people will not read. Maybe even after you post you will be tired of reading such quiz, but that is just my guess.


Note : Of course, i don't discriminate all quizzes, such as that some quizzes are quite fun to at least have more interesting and relevant questions!! However, i giveup doing such quizzes, cause even though i don't discourage these, i just don't like.
This is plainly my opinion.


Comments please, thanks.

Norman Au.

Blogged at 11:03 PM, +8 GMT


No comment. Oops too late.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 21, 2006 9:03 PM  

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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Ever think your school discipline committee sucks so much? NO?!?! ok, but i do. Lets name my school 'X secondary school'.

Hmm. Lets start with today's spotcheck on unacceptable hair length/style, whatever. Almost half of the present students were caught for unacceptable hair, that is mostly are punky, cool whatever. That is already crap. So my school don't allow nice hairstyle. Nice hairstyles must CUT AWAY LARH. Cannot leave, or else break school rule.

Possible reasons for this school rule are as followed:
* Cool hair are so 'dirty' that it reacts with absolutely anything it comes into contact with, that is corrosion. The hair, if come into contact with you, might corrode your skin, causing chances of blindness, burnt flesh, melting of skull, then to the brain. So your grades will be affected larh.

* This is a school, not a fashion house. ( Always used by the discipline committee ) Wow..you can ONLY try to look good in a fashion house. In school must be as shitty as possible. If you try, you die. So i guess teachers ain't alife.

* ''The hair blocks your view of whatever crap is being taught in class.'' So right!!!Wow!! Science HAVEN'T prove that those hair are so close to the eyes that it is out of focus, so it doesn't really affect our vision larh. Morever, there are enough light that reach our eyes.

* ''The hair will distract you. You will give less attention in class.'' So people will keep on thinking how nice thier hair are, and how they are going to improve the already nice hair. Remmember, people WILL NOT think of ideas how they want to improve thier not-nice hair forced by the school rule. They love the rule so much.

And today, while mrs terrence announced on stage that " Currently only black, blue or white hair bands allowed. " Note.. as she said that.. miss ker, the sec.1 LC CONFISCATED a BLUE hairband from a sec.1 girl right infront of mrs terrence, which caused much commotion, which they called everyone to settle down. Mrs terrence, on seeing the dramatic event, looked with GREAT INTEREST, and then shut up.

And another thing, note that most discipline committee seems to find trouble. Even standing alone after school also get questioned. Very suspicious larh, standing there ... ... alone... ...
... ...
... ...
in school.


Norman Au.

Blogged at 10:08 PM, +8 GMT


Here's a comment I have in mind, since you look like you really want a comment on your entry.

I know Commonwealth has changed quite alot in this few months, and what I say may not be applicable to the "new Commonwealth system" - but I comment based on the latest update I know of.

No, it's not that Commonwealth doesn't allow you guys to have "nice hairstyles" - it's just that the current wave of "nice hairstyles" break the school rules - i.e. long fringe, long hair at the back, etc.

If school rule says, "Spiked strands of hair cannot be longer than 2mm." And you have spiked strands of hair at 2.01mm, you're already breaking the school rules.

Think about it - if you have a fashionable hairdo that doesn't require you to break the school rules, would the teachers disapprove of it?

Besides, there's barely any hairstyle nowadays that fits in the bill of "acceptable hairstyles" - it's either long hair, fringe or whatsoever.

Also, why keep long hair? It's so friggin' hot here in Singapore, and the long hair would keep us (human beings) even warmer, causing us to sweat even more.

I used to keep long hair (yes, in the name of "fashion" too), but I realised that I do perspire even more than I did when I kept short hair.

Anyway, you're a NCC cadet - you (as well as the rest) represent the disciplined corps in Commonwealth - short and neat hairstyle, is what you should be following.

In other words, you don't exactly need to bother about the school's standard, do you? If NCC can approve, Commonwealth confirm ok.

That's all I have to say - about the hairband and other things, I don't know, and shan't comment too much.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 20, 2006 9:12 PM  

"No, it's not that Commonwealth doesn't allow you guys to have "nice hairstyles" - it's just that the current wave of "nice hairstyles" break the school rules - i.e. long fringe, long hair at the back, etc."

That is contradicting whatever you said in the sentence.

They forgot to tell us the angle of spike hair that is allowed.

And why we must show our socks so much.

"Also, why keep long hair? It's so friggin' hot here in Singapore, and the long hair would keep us (human beings) even warmer, causing us to sweat even more."

Err, does hair REALLY affects how you sweat and making you feel more warm? Obviously, no.

"That's all I have to say - about the hairband and other things, I don't know, and shan't comment too much."

You didnt say anything about the hairband.

I assume that you are pro-commonwealth student or you are a teacher.



By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 20, 2006 10:51 PM  

No, it's not that Commonwealth doesn't allow you guys to have "nice hairstyles" - it's just that the current wave of "nice hairstyles" break the school rules - i.e. long fringe, long hair at the back, etc."

Commonwealth does allow you guys to have "nice hairstyles" - but they have to be within the school rules. Sadly, most hairstyles nowadays need to be quite long in order to look good, which breaks the rules, which is what Commonwealth disapproves of.

About the socks. If I'm not wrong, they only said no ankle socks - there's this kind of socks which are a little higher than the ankle (i think that'll do, unless they give a specific length of socks, that is).

Also, why keep long hair? It's so friggin' hot here in Singapore, and the long hair would keep us (human beings) even warmer, causing us to sweat even more

Your rebuke to this paragraph tells me that you're most probably a fan of having long hair - I may be wrong, and since I don't know you, don't blame me.

Just a simple question, have you kept short hair before? Short as in, not a few centimetres not as long as your desired hair; short as in, the Number 2 hair-cut.

I've experienced hair lengths of both ends - short and long. I used to think that having short hair made me look uglier; short hair looks uncool.

But it's not so much about looking good - it's about looking presentable.

That's all I have to say - about the hairband and other things, I don't know, and shan't comment too much.

Sometimes, saying just even one word could be saying too much - it's hard to explain through words, but trust me, it's not an experience you wanna go through.

Quoting one of the things you've said, "They forgot to tell us the angle of spike hair that is allowed."

Don't you think you're a little too biased against Commonwealth? Take a step back, and look at the bigger picture; without prejudice.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 21, 2006 12:20 PM  

"Commonwealth does allow you guys to have "nice hairstyles" - but they have to be within the school rules. Sadly, most hairstyles nowadays need to be quite long in order to look good, which breaks the rules, which is what Commonwealth disapproves of."

That is my point, isnt that almost equal to not allowing nice hairstyles?

In MY opinion, yes.

Quoting one of the things you've said, "They forgot to tell us the angle of spike hair that is allowed."

Don't you think you're a little too biased against Commonwealth? Take a step back, and look at the bigger picture; without prejudice."

About the angle thingy was supposed to be sarcasm, cant you see?



By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 21, 2006 3:17 PM  

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Singapore, Haze

First before anything, watch this clip about Bush, possiable


Ok, nothing to comment about bush for me, so shall now talk about.. ..hmm...


My views towards singapore.

Singapore's security is veryvery high, which is good. Don't believe? Just go to visit an mrt station and notice how many cameras are actually facing you, police preparing to rush and arrest you when you make any move that is deemed illegal. One square meter can already contain 5 cameras. Note..the best/worst thing is, those cameras are all in working condition, and are not just for show.

However, the rules in singapore are damn strict!! As in, ''You can choose to or not to talk, but anything you say shall be recorded and be used in court as legal evidence.'' There is no freedom of speech, no places for own comments. Even this post can be used to sue me, and i have to pay a fine of 'don't know how much' and jailed for '~', with '~' strokes of caning.

The laws in Singapore is a scary one, with freaking harsh punishments. Eating/drinking in mrt station is illegal, somehow. And the punishment is $500! Other than that, Singapore is basically nice, no complains, very good etc. It is a peaceful country. Very advanced, high tech and a busy city.


Wtf??? So freaking bored nowadays without school! To add on to my boredom, the the freaking haze from indonesia! It seems that all indonesia can do is apologise, apologise and apologise. Can't they actually BAN burning of trees, or at least control the amount?

The haze, obviously affected millions of people, is still not receding! Wtf??? They know science anot? 'Burning gives out smoke. Smoke are harmful to humans' . They (burn themselves enough larh), burn also want to affect others. It might seem literally impossible to burn themselves, so best NOT to burn.

Every year also got haze. Want more land go land reclaimation from sea larh. Seems like they really lack science and technological advancements.


Norman Au.

Blogged at 4:52 PM, +8 GMT


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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Image below:
[As followed:KingOfCrap Poker(Left), Devil of TIME(Center), AceOfCrap Poker (right) ]

Oh no! The Devil of TIME has escaped from the eternal prison, together with his fellow brothers, KingOfCrap Poker and AceOfCrap Poker. The gang of 3, also known as CRAP, set off to terrorize Singapore, a friendly country..

Armed with cameras everywhere, spying on wherever you are going, noticing your every small movements with great DETAILS, breaking down your movements into pixels, transfering the data received at the spot to the CPU, releasing each and every PIXEL from your movements, preparing to shoot you down if you make an ILLEGAL move.

The CRAP was first spotted today infront of the Municipal Building. As from the picture, we can infer that the Devil of TIME has long outstretched arms and bloodshot eyes.

The Devil of TIME was once a sole Crap. But it soon set eyes on two innocent people, mind-controlling them and then turning them into his 'brothers'. Watch the video below.

Back to present:

The CRAP first annoyed singaporeans by doing this, watch video clip:

Singaporeans were shocked. Somehow, the security cameras were able to take this historical event down, but snipers everywhere were not able to shoot them down.. fast enough.

Luckily enough, a brave professor named ???, with the help of his chemicalX, was able to turn the two INNOCENT brothers back into thier original self, that is.. singapore CIDs.
Professor ??? : Recently i've devised a chemical made from cow. It helps to nutralise the grip of the mind control of the Devil of TIME. It works pretty well.

Somehow, the two INNOCENT brothers drank the chemical and turned back normal. They then brought him to jail. However there was a slight messup in the arrest.


Post ENDS.

Norman Au.

Blogged at 11:01 PM, +8 GMT


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Monday, October 16, 2006


Current PSI : 110, but seems like 160 in west zone.

The picture above is of naked trees with thier clothes burnt off by the fire in indonesia. Suprisingly it is not hazy there, or it is too hazy till we can see it so clearly.

Great. The haze is back again. Why?It loves us too much already, thats why it came back. Now its damn hazy, to add on, the PSI is increasing rapidly but decreasing rather slowly, and often the PSI is noticed to drop at night time.

Why? So that when we wake up the haze will affect us again. It just CANNOT be the opposite, as in it increases in night time, then decreases in daytime. But i don't see any good in the opposite also.


Anyway the poem of mine, created by me is shown below.

A growing patch of darkness,
Covering up the brightness.
A once shining, shimmering, sky,
Covered by overwhelming evil,
Sly as a fox, Evil like a python.

Of what could only be,
Obtained from burning fire.
Coming from who you'll surely expect,
Though its someone you'll surely respect.
Let be past confrontation, lead you to bright future of distant fire.

Darkness grows throughout,
While all ally wants out,
Failed as might be to end,
The evil grows, becoming a yearly thrend.

Blinded by the darkness, we were trapped,
In this gloomy, evil lair,
The one chance was of the ray of light,
Where could only hope to shine on thee.


MEANING : About the haze from indonesia, to singapore and other countries, indonesia confrontation.


CME today was freaking hard. By the way CME stands for Civics and Moral Education. After the exam we went for NYAA shit-talk, National Youth Achievement Award, which was where the fun begins~

Actually not fun, just commenting that Mdm rose is damn lame, keep criticising herself in the hope to gain attention, which suceeded in much laughter. She put a 'Loser Sign' on her own forehead, and waihon shouted, which invite mdm rose attention, and she ordered everyone to cover thier mouth.

Alot of jokes there, including rose. Waihon was constantly laughing and crapping for the 1st time, Daryl was 'hon-ing' waihon, wilkins was chee-bye'ing. Rose was admitting herself of being a big 'L', loser.

*Must understand all the sacarsm, which most probably you won't.

From norman times,
most probably posting crap tml.

Nil = nothing.

Norman Au.

Blogged at 1:39 PM, +8 GMT


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Sunday, October 15, 2006


Tomorrow is doomsday, sort of. Final Secondary 2 exams.. and then its over. DEAD.
Normally this kind of post w/o pictures is of me posting without much of a topic, actually that includes some picture posts too.Thus, random topics shall be posted, today.

Obviously i know this post is damn not interesting, but nvm.

CME tommorow, yet i haven't study a single bit. Wonder what will happen to me if i fail. I hope no need to stay back as secondary 2 or worse still, + normal tech stream.

Anyway, anyone heard of ZONE, a japanese girl band?Their songs are damn nice, just go to youtube.com and type in "ZONE". Their songs include Gooddays, H.A.N.A.B.I, Sotsugyou, and many more.

Unfortunately, the band was.. .. find out yourself.I don't think you bother to anyway.

Class blog is sort of .. .. DEAD?!? Omg? Actually no larh, but i consider class blog dead if one day no one POSTs. Since 40 people can blog and all.. yet no one posts for 2 days. But the tag just keeps on going!


Norman Au.

Blogged at 10:38 PM, +8 GMT


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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Oh God. Nothing much to post today, perhaps tomorrow, + i have no time.Nvm, shall write something anyway.

Somehow, my mum sort of disagree me listening to japanese songs, giving reasons which is lame, at least to me.What kind of reasons? "You don't even know what the heck they are singing about". "You don't understand the song, you CANNOT like it". "WORLD.WAR.II!!!"

Yah, OK!OK!.. So.. .. I don't understand japanese..so i CANNOT like the song. Its VERY wrong larh. CANNOT 1. Even listening is wrong, must be songs which i can listen to.
Songs which i am ALLOWED to like =
*Able to understand.
*Language which i know.
*No shouting, as shouting is not sing.

I always thought liking a song is of these factors.
*Basically, you just like the song.
*The song fits what you want, eg noisy, slow, fast whatever.
*The song is of certain IDOL u practically pray to 7times a day.

Although this is a short post, i realise that this blog is slowly becoming sarcasm blog, or something similar. Anyway, you can finally post a comment in all my post! Isn't that great?!?!? Actually nvm one, since you can actually put in the tagboard.

Ok .

Norman Au.

Blogged at 11:55 PM, +8 GMT


wooohooO! my brother's blog rawks! interesting..

By Blogger nic, at October 15, 2006 1:44 AM  

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Reason to boredom : Stayed at home and doing nothing but looking at blogs, blog, youtube, whatever crap i can do on computer. But it soon got freaking boring.I WANT TO GO OUT...larh.


MapleStory, currently a bighit to singaporeans.

The popular maplestory has caused many to be addicted to it, and cause many to waste soooo much money, some even went bankrupt. But Asiasoft obviously doesn't seem to care and instead introduces more cash items so much so that people can't resist buying them cos many has it and the player does not. Look into http://maplesea.com and you'll notice soooo many freaking things requires cash.

This bloody game, in this case even caused someone to be so FREAKING depressed of losing some items because of scammers, whatsoever. Im sure some even cried..cause they got killed and lose some exp then? Yea right, so EMOTIONAL.. .. losing some exp is like losing a kin or a friend in real life.
I don't understand why some people love staying at home, face the computer whole day, playing games, be it online/cd games or whatsoever. As if the computer is thier whole life, blahblahblah, blahblahblah. I can't imagine how they kope if one day thier computer explodes and probably they'll just be stuck there at the seat trying to fix the computer, themselves. Of computer games, online gaming seems to be most addictive towards teenagers.

Probably they'll say they play online games for stress relief, but thats a freaking stupid reason. For a start, the online games aren't even that fun, just that you can chat with you friends or some strangers. Then, they start playing EVEN AFTER EXAMS. Even worse, they play when they are happy, and wow, some stress relief.

If you want to chat with friends go out larh, if want to make new friends, isn't chatrooms the best?

But im not discouraging gaming, just that don't get addicted to it can already, don't be like me last time, damn freaking crap, online just maple, offline also talking about maple. After school go STRAIGHT HOME, aim for MAPLE..again. Even sleep also think about tommorow can LEVEL UP OR NOT. This applies to all games of course.

By being an addict, you are neglecting everything/everyone else around you, which is pure crap. Already wasted so many months gaming, stopping feels so much of a relief. Writing about this also no use anyway, gaming addicts will be playing games and not coming here to read this post anyway, so what the heck.

HAHAHAHAH.i think im insulting many people here=x, hopefully i don't get killed!...
by some monsters in GAMES =).

Comments pls, ty.

Norman Au.

Blogged at 5:19 PM, +8 GMT


I was addicted to it once. Everyday keep thinking of level up, feel sad when die.
But now only play to relief stress,and dont buy cash card anymore. I am glad I have overcome it.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 16, 2006 9:08 AM  

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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Today will be about Mammatus Clouds, nothing much, got nth much to post, but the clouds are fantastic!They do not precede a tornado, or foretell a storm, but are formed when the air is already saturated with rain droplets and/or ice crystals and begins to sink. The worst of the storm is usually over when these kinds of clouds are seen.

Extremely rare, but damn, thier freakily beautiful.


Realize that my blog is becoming choked full with pictures and videos such that it is becoming dam bloody lag, but nvm, give suggestions on improvement to this blog if you NOT HAPPY !

Since many ppl seldom tag, i predict they are happy. Oh wells .

Norman Au.

Blogged at 6:29 PM, +8 GMT


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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Think Positive, the FREAKY way~!

*When u go to a place and you notice its crowded, it is because of YOUR presence, not any other things.
*People say bad things about you because you are famous, in thier view.
*When people says something like 'what?NOT HAPPY AH?WANT TO FIGHT ARH?' to you, technically you should feel happy that the person cares about you enough to ask you if you want to fight or not and asking if you are happy. Always remember you can reply to thier Qs, as in say no..or yes.
*You are not allowed to talk loudly in most places as people are afraid you might strain your voice. You are allowed to talk loudly as they respect you.
*The government built up a defence force to protect..YOU.

What are you waiting for?Think positive NOW!
3 Steps to everlasting positiveness :

Know that everyone plays a part in this world.
Know that you are special in at least one way.
Always set yourself as the priority.

(Note : The one who follows this, if anything happens to you don't blame me.)


A growing patch of darkness,
Covering up the brightness.
A once shining, shimmering, sky,
Covered by overwhelming evil,
Sly as a fox, Evil like a python.

Of what could only be,
Obtained from burning fire.
Coming from who you'll surely expect,
Though its someone you'll surely respect.
Let be past confrontation, lead you to bright future of distant fire.

Darkness grows throughout,
While all ally wants out,
Failed as might be to end,
The evil grows, becoming a yearly thrend.

Blinded by the darkness, we were trapped,
In this gloomy, evil lair,
The one chance was of the ray of light,
Where could only hope to shine on thee.

Try to understand this masterpiece, obviously by me and no one else.
Clue : Read it, literally.

Norman Au.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Lol. I found out 2 methods to breaking a password protected blog like shuyi's . Hahahahahhahaha. Fun. Shall not post anymore



Note that i captured a soviet construction site and thus enabling me to build both allied and soviet MCVs as proven in the picture. Also sent spys to all buildings thats possible in both allied and soviet.
The hovering object above is actually a kirov-airship.
The half opaque object is a mirage tank.
Soviet base located at the left while allied right.

( N.O.R.F ) = Norman Official Ranking Format. I know its lame but nvm cos i like it.

Maths examination = Idiotically Irritatingly Stupid.


Norman Au.

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Haze. Irritating. 1st was yesterday, reaching a climax of PSI 150. However, just after one day, the haze in Singapore dropped to a safe level. It dropped to PSI 35. An amazing drop of more than 100 in less than 24 hours. Irritating right? Correct, but nvm.
The Class blog. Deciding whether to add links to class blog.

Today's post is no crap, i think. Im still deciing whether to crap or not. Most probably not as usual cos i got nothing to blog about currently and im very bored.Should be a post w/o pictures and a short one.


Norman Au.

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

I found out something. There are two spellings for a word. The word's spellings are :
Disk & Disc .

Introducing Apple's new laptop!

Transparent Designs! Dam cool ~ . Not sure if its transparent desktop or the whole screen is transparent though. But if its desktop, the camera sure reacts fast. If its screen, OMG!!! But theres another possibility, which is .. they purposely adjust it properly so it would fit the things outside.

Now lets talk about the haze in SINGAPORE from INDONESIA !!!

hmm.. Indonesia every year also burn. Does it realise it is affecting other countries???Our health??? Our lives?!?!? Current PSI of Singapore at this time is around 150 already !

Both pictures below is of my neighbourhood :

Daytime(haze) :

Night time(haze) :

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is of condition during the haze.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is of condition before haze.However, its taken at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ midnight.Don't have day time.Didn't expect haze to come.

Note that the lights appear dimmer with the haze. Try to fit the 2 dark pics together. Also note that the road seems much less significant in the picture with the haze condition.

Now.. imagine the condition at indonesia.. .. could it be something like this?

Norman Au.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

-------------------------AIZAT -----------------------
Yesterday afternoon, a group of scientists and docters took on a new challenge, a new height. An experiment. However, it was a complete failure..

Used to look like this..before the experiment of doom..
Aizat: i was deeply concerned, about what could happen to me after the experiment.It was a tough decision, considering the $50,000,000. But i made up my mind. Experiment, i shall do.

"But it was a total disaster. He was completely mutated into a monster. It was horrible." says docter lim, senior executive head of doctors."I tried to revert back to his old self by reversing the engine, but of course it was already too late.The experiment was a complete failure.However, he will still get the money."

"Aizat was a child of great capabilities" says his mother.

What happened? The experiment was on turning an ape into a gorrilla. However, it turned aizat into a great beast, never seen before by anyone.The image below is of aizat, going through the experiment of doom.
Aizat was very unstable at this stage.
Aizat felt the mutation IN him.It was horrible.His face started changing, NOT into a gorrilla, but a monster.He attacked some of the doctors, but in the end, he was pinned down.
His new face started emerging.
The experiment, done.
Scientists and Doctors all over the world are now stressed over the experiment failure.

"A cure is possible.But it'll take us time. In any case, we MUST find a cure." says doctor lim.

Norman Au.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

History: Syafiq 'scolds' peckyong 'gaygeek', which causes anger to explode out of peckyong.As there are too much videos, i only put the links here in order not to cause lag.
Videos in www.youtube.com
The great torture 1(click HERE)

3gp format,
176x144 resolution

Short Describtion:This video is the longest one, consisting mainly on the torture on syafiq.

The great torture 2(click HERE)
3gp format,
176x144 resolution

Short Describtion:
This video concentrates on peckyong not allowing syafiq to escape... and torture.

The great torture 3(click HERE)
3gp format,
176x144 resolution

Short Describtion:
This video concentrates on the broken shoe of syafiq's.. and torture.Screams can be heard throughout the video.

The great torture 4(click HERE)
3gp format,
176x144 resolution

Short Describtion:
This video is the funniest of them all to me. Consist of schoolbag quarrels.. and torture.

Most probably next post on AIZAT .

Norman Au.

Blogged at 10:35 PM, +8 GMT


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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

-------------Picture Describtion, English.------------
Please describe as detailed as possible about the following image.

Good morning/afternoon/night, mr/mrs _____, teachers and friends. May i start?
(after request is acknowledge): Ok(emphasize on the 'ok'). This picture depicts a scene at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The sky is approximately 36.45%blue and 63.65%white, which proves that the weather is fine.

On the foreground, i can see the lifecycle of 'tree'.From the youngest/smallest(right side) to the oldest/biggest(left side). The patch of grass on the left of the big tree seems to have been removed, either naturally or man -made. The pipe beside the 'patch' seems to end suddenly.

On the background, i think that the building is supported by circular stilts made of something-other-than-wood. The building itself seems to be circular, and the sign board seems to read "WELCOME anything xtra."(click on the image for a better view). This is the reason why the photographer seems to be far away from the picture.

Beside the building, i see a structure of such complexity that it seems to be photoshopped into the original image.

Norman Au.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

This is a fire rainbow--one of the rarest naturally occurring atmospheric phenomena. The picture was captured this week on the Idaho/Washington border. The event lasted about 1 hour. Clouds have to be cirrus, at least 20K feet in the air, with just the right amount of ice crystals and the sun has to hit the clouds at precisely 58 degrees.

Nth much to blog about leh. Lets start with a HAPPY BDAY TO TERRENCE!!! (tho hr duno my blog url, cos i nt trying to gain credits or watever.)

English Picture describtion:
Describe as much as possible about this picture.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Singapore seems to be more hazy nowadays..! maybe school will close.. if it does..what bout exams?!?!

Today nth to post!!Too much story not fun!!so...BYE!

Norman Au.

Blogged at 4:49 PM, +8 GMT


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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy children day to all children out there!!!
I even search the dictionary for the defination of child.

Defination of child:
*A young person from the time they are born until they are about 14years old.
*Someone's son or daughter of any age.
*An adult who behaves in ways that are not resonable or sensible.
*Someone whose character is influenced by the main political and social attitudes of a particular period of time.

By the way.. good luck for those having exams these few days.
Good luck does work.It indirectly makes the person feels encouraged, then the person might do better.

Singapore Song. Must noe at least some singapore history to understand.
Note on his movements while he sings too.

Norman Au.

Blogged at 8:10 PM, +8 GMT


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Let me show you what total ownage means.
Click on the pic for a better view.Btw the small red dots are all dolphins which i took very long to rearrange.The only enemy is the green colored rectangle in the map, which is actually an allied war factory

Norman Au.

Blogged at 6:34 PM, +8 GMT


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