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Friday, October 06, 2006

-------------------------AIZAT -----------------------
Yesterday afternoon, a group of scientists and docters took on a new challenge, a new height. An experiment. However, it was a complete failure..

Used to look like this..before the experiment of doom..
Aizat: i was deeply concerned, about what could happen to me after the experiment.It was a tough decision, considering the $50,000,000. But i made up my mind. Experiment, i shall do.

"But it was a total disaster. He was completely mutated into a monster. It was horrible." says docter lim, senior executive head of doctors."I tried to revert back to his old self by reversing the engine, but of course it was already too late.The experiment was a complete failure.However, he will still get the money."

"Aizat was a child of great capabilities" says his mother.

What happened? The experiment was on turning an ape into a gorrilla. However, it turned aizat into a great beast, never seen before by anyone.The image below is of aizat, going through the experiment of doom.
Aizat was very unstable at this stage.
Aizat felt the mutation IN him.It was horrible.His face started changing, NOT into a gorrilla, but a monster.He attacked some of the doctors, but in the end, he was pinned down.
His new face started emerging.
The experiment, done.
Scientists and Doctors all over the world are now stressed over the experiment failure.

"A cure is possible.But it'll take us time. In any case, we MUST find a cure." says doctor lim.

Norman Au.

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