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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Singapore, Haze

First before anything, watch this clip about Bush, possiable


Ok, nothing to comment about bush for me, so shall now talk about.. ..hmm...


My views towards singapore.

Singapore's security is veryvery high, which is good. Don't believe? Just go to visit an mrt station and notice how many cameras are actually facing you, police preparing to rush and arrest you when you make any move that is deemed illegal. One square meter can already contain 5 cameras. Note..the best/worst thing is, those cameras are all in working condition, and are not just for show.

However, the rules in singapore are damn strict!! As in, ''You can choose to or not to talk, but anything you say shall be recorded and be used in court as legal evidence.'' There is no freedom of speech, no places for own comments. Even this post can be used to sue me, and i have to pay a fine of 'don't know how much' and jailed for '~', with '~' strokes of caning.

The laws in Singapore is a scary one, with freaking harsh punishments. Eating/drinking in mrt station is illegal, somehow. And the punishment is $500! Other than that, Singapore is basically nice, no complains, very good etc. It is a peaceful country. Very advanced, high tech and a busy city.


Wtf??? So freaking bored nowadays without school! To add on to my boredom, the the freaking haze from indonesia! It seems that all indonesia can do is apologise, apologise and apologise. Can't they actually BAN burning of trees, or at least control the amount?

The haze, obviously affected millions of people, is still not receding! Wtf??? They know science anot? 'Burning gives out smoke. Smoke are harmful to humans' . They (burn themselves enough larh), burn also want to affect others. It might seem literally impossible to burn themselves, so best NOT to burn.

Every year also got haze. Want more land go land reclaimation from sea larh. Seems like they really lack science and technological advancements.


Norman Au.

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