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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Illegal blogging.

*Exageration and personal comments are found here*
* No defamation, or you are so dead. *

Which means no scolding of teachers in your blog, school, whatever you are unhappy with.. .. or prepare to get sued. Because they are afraid of the tarnishing of reputation.

In the case of teachers,

" Oh.My.God. " says the teacher. " YOU actually dare to write bad about ME in your BLOG to let EVERYONE SEE??? YOU my friend, is defaming me, thus i WILL sue you." Great. so great that if you think of it, most people don't even know the post existed. Thus, the teacher sued the person( most likely a student).

The next day, the newspapers headlines. " Student defames teacher in blog ". Aharh! NOW EVERYONE KNOWS OF THE POST :) , and its all the students fault for writing in blog.


In the case of schools,
Some discipline comittee members " ~~~ ~~~ "

* Help others.
* Don't cause nuisance.
* Be polite.
* Do not crap.
* Must be neat and proper.
* Be kind.

"However, if you are not in school uniform, all these rules are permitted."
Discipline committee " How many times must i remind you students not to cause a nuisance outside the school in your school uniform??? By doing that, you are tarnishing the school's reputation!!!

So... ... does that means we are allowed to do these outside???

In the case of businesses,

Eh. Dunno leh. I not that age yet.



Norman Au.

Blogged at 5:52 PM, +8 GMT


i never read newspapers;

if that's the case, i might get sued by my teacherS or school mates;

By Blogger xuenii~*, at October 31, 2006 8:28 PM  

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