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Monday, October 16, 2006


Current PSI : 110, but seems like 160 in west zone.

The picture above is of naked trees with thier clothes burnt off by the fire in indonesia. Suprisingly it is not hazy there, or it is too hazy till we can see it so clearly.

Great. The haze is back again. Why?It loves us too much already, thats why it came back. Now its damn hazy, to add on, the PSI is increasing rapidly but decreasing rather slowly, and often the PSI is noticed to drop at night time.

Why? So that when we wake up the haze will affect us again. It just CANNOT be the opposite, as in it increases in night time, then decreases in daytime. But i don't see any good in the opposite also.


Anyway the poem of mine, created by me is shown below.

A growing patch of darkness,
Covering up the brightness.
A once shining, shimmering, sky,
Covered by overwhelming evil,
Sly as a fox, Evil like a python.

Of what could only be,
Obtained from burning fire.
Coming from who you'll surely expect,
Though its someone you'll surely respect.
Let be past confrontation, lead you to bright future of distant fire.

Darkness grows throughout,
While all ally wants out,
Failed as might be to end,
The evil grows, becoming a yearly thrend.

Blinded by the darkness, we were trapped,
In this gloomy, evil lair,
The one chance was of the ray of light,
Where could only hope to shine on thee.


MEANING : About the haze from indonesia, to singapore and other countries, indonesia confrontation.


CME today was freaking hard. By the way CME stands for Civics and Moral Education. After the exam we went for NYAA shit-talk, National Youth Achievement Award, which was where the fun begins~

Actually not fun, just commenting that Mdm rose is damn lame, keep criticising herself in the hope to gain attention, which suceeded in much laughter. She put a 'Loser Sign' on her own forehead, and waihon shouted, which invite mdm rose attention, and she ordered everyone to cover thier mouth.

Alot of jokes there, including rose. Waihon was constantly laughing and crapping for the 1st time, Daryl was 'hon-ing' waihon, wilkins was chee-bye'ing. Rose was admitting herself of being a big 'L', loser.

*Must understand all the sacarsm, which most probably you won't.

From norman times,
most probably posting crap tml.

Nil = nothing.

Norman Au.

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