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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Think Positive, the FREAKY way~!

*When u go to a place and you notice its crowded, it is because of YOUR presence, not any other things.
*People say bad things about you because you are famous, in thier view.
*When people says something like 'what?NOT HAPPY AH?WANT TO FIGHT ARH?' to you, technically you should feel happy that the person cares about you enough to ask you if you want to fight or not and asking if you are happy. Always remember you can reply to thier Qs, as in say no..or yes.
*You are not allowed to talk loudly in most places as people are afraid you might strain your voice. You are allowed to talk loudly as they respect you.
*The government built up a defence force to protect..YOU.

What are you waiting for?Think positive NOW!
3 Steps to everlasting positiveness :

Know that everyone plays a part in this world.
Know that you are special in at least one way.
Always set yourself as the priority.

(Note : The one who follows this, if anything happens to you don't blame me.)


A growing patch of darkness,
Covering up the brightness.
A once shining, shimmering, sky,
Covered by overwhelming evil,
Sly as a fox, Evil like a python.

Of what could only be,
Obtained from burning fire.
Coming from who you'll surely expect,
Though its someone you'll surely respect.
Let be past confrontation, lead you to bright future of distant fire.

Darkness grows throughout,
While all ally wants out,
Failed as might be to end,
The evil grows, becoming a yearly thrend.

Blinded by the darkness, we were trapped,
In this gloomy, evil lair,
The one chance was of the ray of light,
Where could only hope to shine on thee.

Try to understand this masterpiece, obviously by me and no one else.
Clue : Read it, literally.

Norman Au.

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