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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Funny Commercials ( Temporary Post )

Dog Suicidal

Firefox and Retarded browsers.



Norman Au.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

In fact, im so busy, these few weeks there aren't any days which i stay at home one full day. Crazy? Not so. Why? For people who don't know, i am working part time at a KFC outlet. On free days, i go out with friends. The left time are left to browse internet and online chatting, AND blog, which is very little. Blogging isn't easy, especially when one have to think of what to post, not to mention this is ot my only blog.

Now i work each day roughly around 6hours, sleep around 9hours, not allowed to online for 3 hours(too late), wake up-tired-so not online around 1 hours, eat bath regular things around 1 1/2 hour.
Total adds up to around 20 1/2 HOURS, left of 3 1/2 HOURS ONLY.

And the time i use to :

When im online, i have to
* Check my email
* Read them
* Browse through blogs ( Around 10 each day at LEAST for me.)
* Browse through news
* Chat with friends
* Bluetooth images and videos to computer
* Send files to friends
* Uploading videos
* Think of what to blog
* Type out
* Blog

But this isn't that accurate, just emphasizing on how busy i am. And today im as busy too. However i will still DO my best to update my blog. And here i am writing this post. Also, look at this screenshot i just took, please click on the image, and look at the highlighted msn nick.

What i inferred : Nash is a cheap bra seller. Philosophy is life is for living.
So to cut it short: Living life as a cheap bra seller is Nash philosophy.
A picture of the bra seller himself.

Conclusion :

Nash wears bra on his face to cover his eyes. His bra is hard and solid. Beneath the bra doesn't lie breasts, but instead are eyes. last but not least, you can see through the 20cents bra. The layer of skin above the bra is hairy.

Final conclusion :

His bra is a MASK.


Norman Au.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My post on sentosa content. =)
And horray, im changing my fuckup attitude to a better one.
BUT, i still love blogging, so don't stop me!

(the very irritating method)

Alright. Went to EXPO today with NASN-S. What i saw horrified me totally. From afar, i can see this familiar yet unfamiliar face..

As i walked in closer, i saw.


Can you see the evil in her smile? Look again.

Oh freaky. Wherever you turn, the face appears, as its Felicia Chins dream home. You might want to take a look at this.

Then i start thinking, aren't all of us just humans, despite them being celebrities? Why do people buy houses because its those celebrities dream home? ESPECIALLY when the celebs aren't really into those 'house designation' perfectionism? If they are nevermind, but supposedly Felicia Chin? I guess not.

Another picture.

However, people still got 'tricked' by this political method. Reason is stupid enough, yet thus making people to fall into the trap easily. Just look at my explanation.

* The person is a CELEB.
* The victim might be a fan of the CELEB.
* The victim thinks CELEB is greater than normal people. ( Come to think of it, do you? Honestly )
* The victim then believes CELEB choose it as a dream home as it is very good.

What victims does not realize :

* CELEBS work isn't some 'Home-Deco' involved yeah. ~
* CELEBS have different views from others, they are leading a much different life than normal people.
* Views are affected by each persons job, life, etc.

Hopefully less people will fall for this trick, as they will just be wasting money then. Perhaps this picture is more of a 'more trustworthy-to-buy-the-home' person.

~Take a look~

Norman Au.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

My post on sentosa content. =)
And horray, im changing my fuckup attitude to a better one.
BUT, i still love blogging, so don't stop me!

(the very irritating meathod)

Posting on today noon probably.

Norman Au.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Sentosa Trip, wasted one?

Aharh! Finally a post on myself. Lols. To be honest i don't feel that it is really that fun, wtf.Lets proceed to the main reason why i am blogging on this topic.. haha yep, this post is not actually about myself again.

On monday 20th november 2006, the 2/3s proceed to sentosa palawan beach. We reached happily, everyone was happy. Out of a sudden, a group rose up and went to cycle. I was pissed off like WTF?; and was criticizing time and time again at the beach( sorry to people i've irritated by complaining ).

The group at that time, really pissed me off. The group consist of kongyong, zandra, jiamin, anne. ( To this day i am still angry, but i reckon you people don't care anyway ) WHYYY??? THIS IS A CLASS OUTING!!! Not a group outing la. Some of you people in the group is so selfish, can't you people even endure a little boredom like how you always do in class/home? And even if don't know how to swim, it won't kill to just play in the sand?

I know not the whole group is like that. Usually just the same 1 or 2 people who complains, whom i don't want to name out. Please lar, make trips and outings more fun by NOT COMPLAINING SO MUCH. And **** it don't quarral so much and it will be more fun. I don't get it when you people just can't seem to decide even WHERE TO EAT. Just find a place and eat then go lar, not as if your trip is only eating right? A while only what, want make the trip boring.

Not going to critisize further.

The trip will be posted today around 2.00pm, for now there is no time, so seeya. Its late.

Norman Au.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Fall of witch.

After disconnecting the penis of a male, the witch went on with such great speed, it tripped and fell. This marks the fall of the witch. However, the witch has great motivation and has stood up. The teacher taught her well, fall down must stand up or else you might fall asleep and not listen to the teacher.

Once she stood up, she saw a famous thinker namely nash-uha.
Look at the image below, of how the witch is staring lovingly at nash-uha.

Said nash-uha : "Walau you very sexy leh, how can like that seh."
Says Witch of south : "I love you from the bottom of my feet to the on top of my hair."
Nash-uha : "Walau really ah? Come ah sex ah."
Witch of south: "Walau you very bad leh, Singapore citizen you know! Cannot like that one."

The witch was hurt deeply when she saw the sentence in this blog, because someone had stabbed her at the back of her body so hard that blood was oozing out fast. In the end she died. Thank you for your co-operation. The end.


Norman Au.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dark Witch of SouthLook at the image above... the tilted 45degree to the top head.. the pair of menacing eyes.. the unforgiving lips.. the arched hands.. the head-cape.. and the striking of the shirt color..
Yes its true. the dark witch of the south has arrived in Singapore, which isn't near to being good news. It was said that the witch has sacrificed a paper in the exchange of her being here. The paper was condemned, and doomed to burn eternally.

What followed next? Racism occurred. Signs and banners of racial riots were put up, and it was total chaos.

You can see from the image above thaqt the green man is shooting the white man. The green men hates white men as they do not belong to the same color group. It was chaotic, and many died, as much as 2 people. Even the rifle is green.

Apparantly the witch still did not stop, it went on to attack innocent civilians who stared at her. A video was taken of the witch hitting a male, disconnecting the penis.

*The witch was unstoppable.
*The witch was strong.
*The witch was influential.

Find out what happens next in the next post..!
*About the class outing to sentosa will be posted soon.*


Norman Au.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Youtube Addict
(Temporary post)

Lyrics :

Every morning when I wake up
I get up and I check my messages
Then i check my subscriptions to see if anyone has posted any new stuff

I'm addicted to youtube
I'm addicted to youtube
Yes I am!
I'm addicted to youtube
I'm addicted to youtube
Yes I am!

I browse all day
I browse all night

Now It's time to watch the furries
play on my keyboard

*furry dance*

I like to leave my comments
and rate the videos I find
I add good ones to my favourites
and sometimes I even subscribe

I'm addicted to youtube
I'm addicted to youtube
yes I am!
I'm addicted to youtube
I'm addicted to youtube
yes I am!

I like to watch nasty accidents
I like to watch kittens fight
i find that a lot of videos on you tube are shite ... but

galipoka rocks!
his videos are fun
"shuddup coke!"

Fr0d0dylan is weird
but his videos make me laugh

Temporary. Next post crap, CONFIRM

Norman Au.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006


I have promised to post crap today, but is unable due to my computer. i am not putting blame on my computer but really got problem. BROWSEDI.dll was not found in explorer.exe in my comp, thus unable to start up many programmes, and not only the desktop.

It includes the bluetooth adapter inbox where i keep all my pictures. It cannot be opened due to the missing file. Fortunately i'm not a gaming addict thus knowing my computer stuffs more, and thus being able to type here.

I'm also able to access msnmsgr.exe, which enables me to use MSN. Firefox and all internet browsing tools are able to use too. OMG, NO GAMES!!! I DON't CARE!!! Actually got, but i don't play also, so BYE, off for 'free repairing'.

And yes i am criticizing all you online-gaming addicts.


Norman Au.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

3 topics

This post is broken up, i recommend reading GAMING ADDICTS if you lazy to read all ~


NASN officially declared exist, members are Norman Afiq Syafiq Nash.

We promote going out with the NASN's. We are one of a kind, human, homo sapiens. The 10minute introductory to all people interested in meeting the NASN's. Meeting only, cannot join.

Also, with NASN, great pictures are ALWAYS present for you to share with your friends or enemies... and you do NOT need to break the picture to share it.
An example below:


The Pen dealers strikes again.

To add on to 'must buy or die' topic of MINE, here is this post. The pen dealers seem only to target young teenagers and all. They BELIEVE that $4 is a small amount. If they do, why the hell are they not donating it themselves. Beware people, they block your path till you not happy and want to kill them.

Morever they have this stuck-up attitude. Why the hell can't we NOT donate larh. And i'm not sure about this.. they seem to change the price of the pen...? The last time i went was like $2.00, today was $4.00?!?!? WTF? They might be profitting a whole deal from the *job*, or else they can't be that keen to sell pens you know.

And i hate profiteers who earn money out of other people's kind intention, especially these kinds where you-don't-pay-you-don't-leave. Why shoud we help you when you give us stupid fuck attitude????
''What the fuck did you do larh chi bai''. Famous line, quoted.

( Namron Recommendation, not a chef. )
Gaming Addicts

Must i elaborate on these post??? Yes, i must.
Online gaming,... ... ADDICTS especially, will not learn much stuffs about thier own computer + internet capabilities. But that is thier problem, just make sure they don't complain.

OMG, i actually hate gaming addicts, especially MAPLESTORY ones. When i think of how they play, i really gets pissed off. You see, example the online game is MAPLESTORY (yes, i am attacking maplestory AGAIN). You train, level up, train level up. You get so tensed up and keep on thinking " Tommorow i MUST level up leh, i want to fight BARLOG you know. " Ya, i know... ... you fight barlog... ... AND??? What? You get real cash arh? No right? By the way, congrats on killing the virtual hairy-bullshit who is a very strong virtual monster who kills virtual people.

I'm mentally attacking these addicts cause i know addicts won't sell thier accounts, even when they do its already worthless, as in very cheap already. " I want to level up today la MUM! Walau! You so bad don't let me level up. 3.98% already you know!!! I HATE YOU!!! "

Fuck and go and die larh. Get a life or just decompose as a corpse by the sea. Hopefully someone spot you, then say " I don't want report now, later then i report cause waste alot of time, i can gain 3.39% " When reported, police also want to level up. When i say get a life, it does not mean getting a "1up" in game or whatsoever VIRTUAL life.

And by the way, are you ACTUALLY having fun living in a virtual world and then when people kill monsters which you are killing, you tend to 'take revenge'? You feel nice arh? If no why you play? Not for fun definitely... ... so because you want to live inside the game arh? You die already a grave drop down then you float in circular motions consistantly around it, revolving till you click 'ok'.

Look at the image. I conclude that the player is an addict. He must be soooo exhilarated when he defeat the " Pieces of brick joint together" to form a brick monster that he actually took a screenshot and publish it on net, which is how i got the picture. HE defeat it you know, he is the character in the game. Suprisingly, the brick monster drops much VIRTUAL coins and items.

An even more WTF is this.

OMG sooooo touching... ... you see thier beautiful faces... ... completely fake and all... They love each other so much, that thier whole love life was in an online game called maplestory... Oh..how touching... . Its so sweet you know... kissing virtually... ... watching how they protect each other and stuffs.. never once stopped to realize how stupid they seem.

" I love you, thus i shall marry you... in maplestory. Will you marry me?Yes?Oh..im so touched... words CANNOT express my love to you. I shall now give you potions to heal your mana points to show my love to you. "

Enough? WTF is WITH the song to go with this video larh, this is just a game, FACE IT MAN. NVM larh go and play your crap games, BYE! Stay up all night and LEVEL UP SIA!!!

!!! COMMENTS !!!

Crap posting tomorrow.
Byebyebye, tata~


Norman Au.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Channel News Asia + E.T.C

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Look at my Firefox design... NICE? Thank you. That is enough, you can leave. Kidding.
I said kidding because it is not funny, therefore it cannot be joking cause that means I've cracked a joke, and a joke is supposed to be funny, you know. So CANNOT use the word joking larh.

. . . . . . US President George Bush, visit to Singapore. Just of his special visit, the O level and A level dates changed. He sureee is a big man. But why the hell is his picture in this topic? I thought the main reason for this topic to exist is mainly because of O levels and A levels and NOT his visit??? Shouldn't the picture at least consist of some students taking exams???

The main topic here is GCE O/A levels, not "US President is an old man" or "US President is a very important..old man". The main thing here is GCE O/A levels.

But lets not dwell on this lame thing.


Now lets talk on BLOGS. Arharh! I know many of you have blogs, some are dead some are alife, which i don't really care much of. However, there is a massive craze over blogs these few weeks or months or so. However recently, many considerably new bloggers' blogs have been found DEAD lying on beaches and floors over the internet, which adds up to as much as HUNDREDS.

People... ... please DO update your blog if you have one, i don't really care i about what u blog about. Because, after you use that blog, that url cannot be used anymore you see, until you delete them, which many of you don't. This make people who are keen in blogging have lesser url choices you see.That is inconsiderate, considering you just blog less than one month and just leave it dead. WTF??? If you do not have the intention of creating a long consistent blog, please DELETE it after use and please do not expect your friends to link you, it is their choice.

And i am sorry to have left my blog dead for so many days, but i need some inspiration~ Any suggestions??? Maybe about believes.


*Please do give me some inspirations on what to blog?; I thank you all.*

Norman Au.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

REPAIRED, and additional crap..?

My blog is repaired. It has caused me much time and effort to repair it, hopefully such errors will not occur again. Lucky for me i have a 'backup' version, as in the low-detailed version of my blog. THANK GOD? Nope, thank MY BACK-UP duh.

After this repair, i shall prompt myself to update my blog further, so much so that people will not get bored of this blogskin, cause im deciding not to change it for quite a while... not sure of the time yet, which depends on reader's reaction. A 'improvement' area for people to type might be made too.

Shall post tommorrow on what crap i saw~ Syonara for the time-being.



Norman Au.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006


This particular post shall be informative, thus named informative post. Look up, the image above is of an information counter, really, and does not have anything to do with today's post of mine. By the way, this is a long post... ... too.

Topic1, PS3)

Omfg ( Oh my fantastic god ), PS3 is out, but ONLY IN JAPAN(:. Can you think of a reason why...? I cannot, but most probably due to the fact that more demands for games are in Japan than other countries.

By the way, PS3 is 'godly'. With technologies such as Blu-ray format, movie, internet, photo, CD capabilities, network gaming, wireless controller and photo realistic graphics, it is known as an entertainment hardware set, and not a gaming one. You can even connect MP3 to it... like wtf? Isn't it just so COOL??? But i have a Qs, why would people connect the MP3 to it?

Currently it is very expensive, around 800-1500 SGD per set...? not very sure of price, if you want information, book an airplane flight on a certain day which you needn't work. Pack your stuffs necessary for the trip. On the day of flight, wait 2 hours for the plane to takeoff, while in the meantime, check in your luggages. After the long flight, the plane stopped, and you shall collect your luggage, proceed to the shop, Que up for hours, days whatever and ask. Next, you go home and decide if you should buy it or not.



If you are a teenage, you might have noticed these stupid fuckers who force you to buy $2pens, be it at choachukang, jurongeast, whatever. Somemore, you CANNOT crap with them, or else they give you some fuckface and then angry and might threaten you. Idiotically, they block your escape route to heaven even after you say "No larh i don't want buy leh".

I was wondering which stupid company employ these people to sell pens, cause i don't really believe it is for charity. They so despo to sell pens till they have to employ ah bengs with stuck up attitude. If i know this company, i shall complain and possibly many people will too as i shall spread to the whole Singapore the name of this company and what-the-hell happened.

The employed, aka the force of not evil, good, but blue pen.
First if you are with a group, you talk talk talk with your friends happily... ... in a great beautiful sunny day, when SUDDENLY, a huge shadow befalls onto you and ask " Can please spare me 20seconds of your time?", which rather well spoils your mood.

Next you say '' No thanks, im busy. '', and the force of blue pen shall say "Eh brother, don't like this larh, this is helping other people leh."* The force gets stronger, as in many more employed close in to you and say the dame thing * You like it or not, thier face suddenly twist itself, squeezed up together, with all the oil being squeezed out, so as to make a pimple-less... ...

Now you buy the pen, and they say " Buy more lar, this is helping leh, please larh brother.Oi "This time, you should scold them "fuck off"... ... Now if you are alone and approached, most probably you'll end up as the same deepshit except that its worse considering the fact that you are alone, and financially lesser 'income'.

So.. WALAU! Really those people deserve to die.


Topic3, Frown to make others happy.

Have you noticed about Singapore police? Let me fill you in what i found out.
Polices in other countries seem to be so happy to be one, they smile, laugh and acts like everything normal people does when happy. They smile when saw people, greet cheerfully and all... Now think of the polices in Singapore.

They frown, look fierce, stand in position and grace. In fact, they frown so much that the public are afraid of them. Never seem to smile except on tv shows, and also only a slight smile, and disappears 0.5seconds later. Nevertheless, this is rather... ... a good fact.

Why do i say that? Because of this public response of "afraid of the police" reaction, they will seldom communicate with the police unless really necessary. This makes the Singapore police more focused and alert in their job, which is an important role, to keep Singapore safe internally, and sometimes externally.


My long post has finally come to an end. You can comment about it, which i recommend.



Norman Au.

Blogged at 9:40 PM, +8 GMT


For topic 1:
i skipped it; =x
not tt interested with playstations;

For topic 2:
i had been ask to buy pens for charity;
at 1st, one came towards me and my friends, then as he persuade us to buy, more and more people gathered ard us to persuade us oso.
it's kinda irritating, realli;
somemore, after buying that useless pen and leaving de "crowd" not further than 5m, another person came towards us and ask us to buy again; -.-"

For topic 3:
i wasn't sure if singapore policemen are alwaes frowning;
but i am sure that i am not afraid of them even if they frown lahx; xP
cause me is guai bao bao~ no do badbad things;

long post + long comment; xP

By Blogger xueni ;, at November 13, 2006 12:15 AM  

haha eunice here..

the most memorable experience i had with those kind of people was like this:

those ppl: excuse me miss do you mind me using a min of your time?

me: yes i mind. (not allowing him to interrupt) i really mind. really seriously i really mind.

those ppl: gives you those kind of bu shuang attitude.

me: walked away le... duh haha

By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 15, 2006 12:05 AM  

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Friday, November 10, 2006

No Specific title, Singapore idol/idiot?

Low detailed version of my blog is out. Visit it at http://ld-namron.blogspot.com .

Im aware that my blog has been dead for so long already. Hope all of you don't mind. If you mind, i will go back in time to write posts and publish JUST FOR YOU(:. For your information, this post is NOTHING about streaming except this sentence, cause the streaming so sucked.



What is so amazing about singapore idol is how the audiences who are not in any relationship with the contestants spil out SO MUCH MONEY to vote for their favourite 'idol'. Maybe they pray to thier idol at home everyday every hour.

Singapore idol has already gone through 2 seasons already. Both seasons made someone rich like shit, if nobody realizes. Its like people pouring money on you non-stop until u choke but you won't die. And i wonder why all the idols do are sing only. I mean.. idol right??not SINGER??

And..why is it so amazing to watch it..? I don't get it larh. You only see contestants standing on stage singing and then kenna kick out of Singapore idol, perished, deemed as LOSER, never to be seen again on stage... ... until kena revive. Normally if you notice, the revived one always ends up to be near the top or is the winner.

... ..."Vote for your favourite IDOL to be revived, NOW. Each vote can be sent through sms for only $0.05!!"And why revival? The reason for audiences are because they might have just did badly in 1 of their show because of sickness, etc. BUT... ... the reason for 'someone' to create revival round is because of ADDITIONAL MONEY.

Imagine the entire population of Singaporeans aged 12-22 just voted once. How much will 'someone' earn??? Not that some people only voted once.. some vote like hundreds and say they DON'T regret. WTF is wrong with them??? I mean its ok if thats your family member... ... but if you don't even know the person??? Do you think they even know you?

The 'thankyou everyone' effect. It always seems to work huh. The idol just havta say' thankyoueveryone for your support!!!', and thousand more people will vote for him/her. Some say because he/she appreciate the votes. LAME... you voting for him/her leh, of course will larh. Or you expect him/her to say "GO DIE LARH.DON'T VOTE FOR ME LARH"? Also note that he/she is thanking EVERYONE, not specifically YOU, so no need to get so excited there, right?

Want to know more? I really don't understand how people can chase after these kinds of shows.
How many have already come out in Singapore??? Singapore idol(twice), Dunno what Superstar( going to twice), Superstar school edition(once). And many of you are still going crazy over them ... ... don't you ever get bored?no???


Comments are welcomed.

Norman Au.

Blogged at 12:28 AM, +8 GMT


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Monday, November 06, 2006


The video is of a US police officer's suprise birthday party. WATCH IT, i did not type out the contents here so as to not spoil the suprise... I know im kind, so thank you and please leave comments. It is a short video clip, 39seconds, uploaded to youtube by someone namely ME=). If you DO NOT leave comments, so be it.

US polices sure are suprising..

How modern is society?? THIS MODERN!


Attaining enlightenment by reading online articles i guess.

Selling cars, advertising body.

Probably sms'ing fellow monks about scriptures and stuffs.

Relaxing. This particular monk sure is having some fun~


I always thought monks are suppose to restrain from meat, greed, money, etc etc. An they are suppose to be NOT tempted to play arcade(=. Monks are now spreading influence ONLINE, sign up NOW...!


Important note from ME, again :

I might be creating a blog which has complete same posts as this blog, however the blog will exclude all unnecessary stuffs EXCEPT blog counter. Thus, that blog will be low-detailed version of this blog, for people who can't take abit of lag... ... or maybe alot.

Confirmation will be any day but latest by NEXT WEEK, so... ... you'll haveta deal with the lag a tinny bit longer~


Norman Au.

Blogged at 9:19 PM, +8 GMT


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Sunday, November 05, 2006


Thats right. Saddam is gonna die. After killing 148 people, another one is gonna die. Don't know why but i feel a bit sad.( Don't ask me to CHANGE my feelings, only maybe ask me to change what i type. ) So are his half brother and Iraq's former chief judge gonna die with him too, that one i don't feel sad since previously i don't even know they existed. The former vice president got life in jail.

However, Saddam shouted "Allahu Akbar!" (God is Great) and "Long live Iraq! Long live the Iraqi people! Down with the traitors!" as the judge began reading his sentence. This could prove that he still care about the future or Iraq.

A possible reason why he was still able to smile after sentenced to death could be due to the fact that he believed he made a sentence which would spread worldwide( which it did ) to send the message to the people of Iraq to be not controlled by others and to defeat all Iraq traitors.

After the sentence was made, two major events happened. Some people celebrated... ... while others FIRED GUNS, THREW BOMBS, AND CREATE TERROR. Another note will be typed out here... that is...

The Bush administration ( with respect and ... dunno ) comes again. People are dissatisfied with the interference of the US with IRAQ'S problem. I don't understand why... ... but any problem by any country, The US seems to come in, perhaps thats just my imagination. Below is a quote from BBC.com.


Before the sentencing session began, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark was ejected from the courtroom after handing the judge a note in which he called the trial a "travesty".

US President George W Bush's Republican Party is at risk of losing control of Congress, in part because of voter dissatisfaction over its handling of the Iraq conflict.


Now now, what could be the note??? Bribery? Facts? huh??? Why would he want to pass a note to the judge, and how come after the note was read by the judge, Saddam was sentenced death??? There are much dissatisfaction among the people about this, and hopefully US can tell everyone what exactly was written in the note.


Norman Au.

Blogged at 10:34 PM, +8 GMT


saddam is not going to die. i think. its another ploy.

By Blogger mido, at November 07, 2006 9:27 PM  

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*Mid-Night post warning, considered 4th november post?*
( I would like to emphasize again, that all are my personal comments. )

Racism sucks. Racism sucks. Racism sucks. Are you not glad to be in Singapore??? Where different race can CO-EXIST TOGETHER??? Judging from most people in Singapore, racism is not a big problem here.

Ok. Lets compare Singapore with other countries... ...
Would you like to be in a country where only a certain race gets the high ranking job? Serious racial riots are occuring at many countries. Fight fight fight, different color also CANNOT IS IT? You see rainbow got 7 colors also together one what.

( Don't tell me about when the 7 colors of the rainbow mixed already very ugly, cause i did not tell different races to have SEX with each other a few thousand times until everyone in the world are of the same race. )

Wonder why people dislike other races so much. There are much racism in other countries. They ( not all ) seem to have problems with people who are not their own race. Why do they ( not pointing to Americans) hate people of different colors so much???

Also of course, racism occurs in Singapore too.


1) Not the same race as you that means more stupid, more dumb arh???
2) Not the same race that means dirty???
3) Not the same race that means soooo wrong???
4) You think your race BEST ? You think even got a BEST race???


If that is what you people think, that means everyone are stupid. Since we are all stupid, refer back to 1. Now what have you gotta say?

Being a racist practically means being unreasonably stupid and dumb to think that others are inferior to you.

Norman Au.

Blogged at 12:35 AM, +8 GMT


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Thursday, November 02, 2006


" Don't break mirror! You will get 7 years of bad luck!!! "
" Don't walk under ladder, or else bad things will happen!!! "
" DO NOT open umbrella at home, you are blocking the wealth from getting in!!! "

... ...Familiar lines? Ever feel irritated when you are about to walk under a ladder, some stranger pushes you off and say "DON'T!", which later he/she explains to you that you will get bad luck.

Ohhh yes. When you break a mirror, you really get 7 years of bad luck, and im not lying. There are scientific proves. When you break a mirror, the element of luck escapes and runs away. In the case of mirror, there are much elements of luck. What are elements of luck? Duno, i made it.

NEVER open umbrella at home, you will not get richer but become poorer instead. But when you close the umbrella, no matter how much you spend and use despite you have no job, you will still get richer. REALLY.

Just pointing out that these some superstitions are really absurd.



I have no idea why singapore named dawnyang as 'hottest singapore blogger'. Do they actually just called 169 voters out of a few million bloggers a SIGNIFICANT WIN? I don't even think they know the link to the website, or rather not bothering to vote.

If singapore wants real accurate results, they should not have opened a voting list unless its a compulsory-to-do-vote, which will never be. Also, people might be mistaken by the word 'hottest blogger'. What does it mean? Two different meaning, either the person, or the blog.

Read her blog,
I don't really feel that it is very interesting, as it is about her life, and not other stuffs. However different people like different types of blogs.. .. so she must be famous in some way or another. To me, it seems tat her blog is just like other regular blogs, but it might not be the case to others.


And... ... anyone realise that the blogosphere in Singapore is growing rapidly? It is amazing, people loves blogging so much. When realize that blogging is cool and seems nice, they blog for 3DAYS BEFORE LEAVING IT TO ROT. To bloggers: Hope all of you will not quit blogging so soon! If you try blogging just for a few days for fun, why not leave the url available to others who really likes blogging?


Your comments are appreciated.

Norman Au.

Blogged at 10:05 PM, +8 GMT


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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Credits to Gary for posting it in his blog.
This video is funny, about students giving comments of a lesson taught in NTU.. so have fun watching!

Norman Au.

Blogged at 10:22 PM, +8 GMT


i was hoping to see the teacher's face; hahx


By Blogger xueni ;, at November 03, 2006 9:37 AM  

Lols=x. U saw the face.. how was it?

By Blogger Norman, at November 03, 2006 9:53 PM  


not like what i had imagine; x)

By Blogger xueni ;, at November 04, 2006 7:15 PM  

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