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Friday, November 17, 2006

3 topics

This post is broken up, i recommend reading GAMING ADDICTS if you lazy to read all ~


NASN officially declared exist, members are Norman Afiq Syafiq Nash.

We promote going out with the NASN's. We are one of a kind, human, homo sapiens. The 10minute introductory to all people interested in meeting the NASN's. Meeting only, cannot join.

Also, with NASN, great pictures are ALWAYS present for you to share with your friends or enemies... and you do NOT need to break the picture to share it.
An example below:


The Pen dealers strikes again.

To add on to 'must buy or die' topic of MINE, here is this post. The pen dealers seem only to target young teenagers and all. They BELIEVE that $4 is a small amount. If they do, why the hell are they not donating it themselves. Beware people, they block your path till you not happy and want to kill them.

Morever they have this stuck-up attitude. Why the hell can't we NOT donate larh. And i'm not sure about this.. they seem to change the price of the pen...? The last time i went was like $2.00, today was $4.00?!?!? WTF? They might be profitting a whole deal from the *job*, or else they can't be that keen to sell pens you know.

And i hate profiteers who earn money out of other people's kind intention, especially these kinds where you-don't-pay-you-don't-leave. Why shoud we help you when you give us stupid fuck attitude????
''What the fuck did you do larh chi bai''. Famous line, quoted.

( Namron Recommendation, not a chef. )
Gaming Addicts

Must i elaborate on these post??? Yes, i must.
Online gaming,... ... ADDICTS especially, will not learn much stuffs about thier own computer + internet capabilities. But that is thier problem, just make sure they don't complain.

OMG, i actually hate gaming addicts, especially MAPLESTORY ones. When i think of how they play, i really gets pissed off. You see, example the online game is MAPLESTORY (yes, i am attacking maplestory AGAIN). You train, level up, train level up. You get so tensed up and keep on thinking " Tommorow i MUST level up leh, i want to fight BARLOG you know. " Ya, i know... ... you fight barlog... ... AND??? What? You get real cash arh? No right? By the way, congrats on killing the virtual hairy-bullshit who is a very strong virtual monster who kills virtual people.

I'm mentally attacking these addicts cause i know addicts won't sell thier accounts, even when they do its already worthless, as in very cheap already. " I want to level up today la MUM! Walau! You so bad don't let me level up. 3.98% already you know!!! I HATE YOU!!! "

Fuck and go and die larh. Get a life or just decompose as a corpse by the sea. Hopefully someone spot you, then say " I don't want report now, later then i report cause waste alot of time, i can gain 3.39% " When reported, police also want to level up. When i say get a life, it does not mean getting a "1up" in game or whatsoever VIRTUAL life.

And by the way, are you ACTUALLY having fun living in a virtual world and then when people kill monsters which you are killing, you tend to 'take revenge'? You feel nice arh? If no why you play? Not for fun definitely... ... so because you want to live inside the game arh? You die already a grave drop down then you float in circular motions consistantly around it, revolving till you click 'ok'.

Look at the image. I conclude that the player is an addict. He must be soooo exhilarated when he defeat the " Pieces of brick joint together" to form a brick monster that he actually took a screenshot and publish it on net, which is how i got the picture. HE defeat it you know, he is the character in the game. Suprisingly, the brick monster drops much VIRTUAL coins and items.

An even more WTF is this.

OMG sooooo touching... ... you see thier beautiful faces... ... completely fake and all... They love each other so much, that thier whole love life was in an online game called maplestory... Oh..how touching... . Its so sweet you know... kissing virtually... ... watching how they protect each other and stuffs.. never once stopped to realize how stupid they seem.

" I love you, thus i shall marry you... in maplestory. Will you marry me?Yes?Oh..im so touched... words CANNOT express my love to you. I shall now give you potions to heal your mana points to show my love to you. "

Enough? WTF is WITH the song to go with this video larh, this is just a game, FACE IT MAN. NVM larh go and play your crap games, BYE! Stay up all night and LEVEL UP SIA!!!

!!! COMMENTS !!!

Crap posting tomorrow.
Byebyebye, tata~


Norman Au.

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