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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My post on sentosa content. =)
And horray, im changing my fuckup attitude to a better one.
BUT, i still love blogging, so don't stop me!

(the very irritating method)

Alright. Went to EXPO today with NASN-S. What i saw horrified me totally. From afar, i can see this familiar yet unfamiliar face..

As i walked in closer, i saw.


Can you see the evil in her smile? Look again.

Oh freaky. Wherever you turn, the face appears, as its Felicia Chins dream home. You might want to take a look at this.

Then i start thinking, aren't all of us just humans, despite them being celebrities? Why do people buy houses because its those celebrities dream home? ESPECIALLY when the celebs aren't really into those 'house designation' perfectionism? If they are nevermind, but supposedly Felicia Chin? I guess not.

Another picture.

However, people still got 'tricked' by this political method. Reason is stupid enough, yet thus making people to fall into the trap easily. Just look at my explanation.

* The person is a CELEB.
* The victim might be a fan of the CELEB.
* The victim thinks CELEB is greater than normal people. ( Come to think of it, do you? Honestly )
* The victim then believes CELEB choose it as a dream home as it is very good.

What victims does not realize :

* CELEBS work isn't some 'Home-Deco' involved yeah. ~
* CELEBS have different views from others, they are leading a much different life than normal people.
* Views are affected by each persons job, life, etc.

Hopefully less people will fall for this trick, as they will just be wasting money then. Perhaps this picture is more of a 'more trustworthy-to-buy-the-home' person.

~Take a look~

Norman Au.

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