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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

In fact, im so busy, these few weeks there aren't any days which i stay at home one full day. Crazy? Not so. Why? For people who don't know, i am working part time at a KFC outlet. On free days, i go out with friends. The left time are left to browse internet and online chatting, AND blog, which is very little. Blogging isn't easy, especially when one have to think of what to post, not to mention this is ot my only blog.

Now i work each day roughly around 6hours, sleep around 9hours, not allowed to online for 3 hours(too late), wake up-tired-so not online around 1 hours, eat bath regular things around 1 1/2 hour.
Total adds up to around 20 1/2 HOURS, left of 3 1/2 HOURS ONLY.

And the time i use to :

When im online, i have to
* Check my email
* Read them
* Browse through blogs ( Around 10 each day at LEAST for me.)
* Browse through news
* Chat with friends
* Bluetooth images and videos to computer
* Send files to friends
* Uploading videos
* Think of what to blog
* Type out
* Blog

But this isn't that accurate, just emphasizing on how busy i am. And today im as busy too. However i will still DO my best to update my blog. And here i am writing this post. Also, look at this screenshot i just took, please click on the image, and look at the highlighted msn nick.

What i inferred : Nash is a cheap bra seller. Philosophy is life is for living.
So to cut it short: Living life as a cheap bra seller is Nash philosophy.
A picture of the bra seller himself.

Conclusion :

Nash wears bra on his face to cover his eyes. His bra is hard and solid. Beneath the bra doesn't lie breasts, but instead are eyes. last but not least, you can see through the 20cents bra. The layer of skin above the bra is hairy.

Final conclusion :

His bra is a MASK.


Norman Au.

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