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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Channel News Asia + E.T.C

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Look at my Firefox design... NICE? Thank you. That is enough, you can leave. Kidding.
I said kidding because it is not funny, therefore it cannot be joking cause that means I've cracked a joke, and a joke is supposed to be funny, you know. So CANNOT use the word joking larh.

. . . . . . US President George Bush, visit to Singapore. Just of his special visit, the O level and A level dates changed. He sureee is a big man. But why the hell is his picture in this topic? I thought the main reason for this topic to exist is mainly because of O levels and A levels and NOT his visit??? Shouldn't the picture at least consist of some students taking exams???

The main topic here is GCE O/A levels, not "US President is an old man" or "US President is a very important..old man". The main thing here is GCE O/A levels.

But lets not dwell on this lame thing.


Now lets talk on BLOGS. Arharh! I know many of you have blogs, some are dead some are alife, which i don't really care much of. However, there is a massive craze over blogs these few weeks or months or so. However recently, many considerably new bloggers' blogs have been found DEAD lying on beaches and floors over the internet, which adds up to as much as HUNDREDS.

People... ... please DO update your blog if you have one, i don't really care i about what u blog about. Because, after you use that blog, that url cannot be used anymore you see, until you delete them, which many of you don't. This make people who are keen in blogging have lesser url choices you see.That is inconsiderate, considering you just blog less than one month and just leave it dead. WTF??? If you do not have the intention of creating a long consistent blog, please DELETE it after use and please do not expect your friends to link you, it is their choice.

And i am sorry to have left my blog dead for so many days, but i need some inspiration~ Any suggestions??? Maybe about believes.


*Please do give me some inspirations on what to blog?; I thank you all.*

Norman Au.

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