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Sunday, November 12, 2006


This particular post shall be informative, thus named informative post. Look up, the image above is of an information counter, really, and does not have anything to do with today's post of mine. By the way, this is a long post... ... too.

Topic1, PS3)

Omfg ( Oh my fantastic god ), PS3 is out, but ONLY IN JAPAN(:. Can you think of a reason why...? I cannot, but most probably due to the fact that more demands for games are in Japan than other countries.

By the way, PS3 is 'godly'. With technologies such as Blu-ray format, movie, internet, photo, CD capabilities, network gaming, wireless controller and photo realistic graphics, it is known as an entertainment hardware set, and not a gaming one. You can even connect MP3 to it... like wtf? Isn't it just so COOL??? But i have a Qs, why would people connect the MP3 to it?

Currently it is very expensive, around 800-1500 SGD per set...? not very sure of price, if you want information, book an airplane flight on a certain day which you needn't work. Pack your stuffs necessary for the trip. On the day of flight, wait 2 hours for the plane to takeoff, while in the meantime, check in your luggages. After the long flight, the plane stopped, and you shall collect your luggage, proceed to the shop, Que up for hours, days whatever and ask. Next, you go home and decide if you should buy it or not.



If you are a teenage, you might have noticed these stupid fuckers who force you to buy $2pens, be it at choachukang, jurongeast, whatever. Somemore, you CANNOT crap with them, or else they give you some fuckface and then angry and might threaten you. Idiotically, they block your escape route to heaven even after you say "No larh i don't want buy leh".

I was wondering which stupid company employ these people to sell pens, cause i don't really believe it is for charity. They so despo to sell pens till they have to employ ah bengs with stuck up attitude. If i know this company, i shall complain and possibly many people will too as i shall spread to the whole Singapore the name of this company and what-the-hell happened.

The employed, aka the force of not evil, good, but blue pen.
First if you are with a group, you talk talk talk with your friends happily... ... in a great beautiful sunny day, when SUDDENLY, a huge shadow befalls onto you and ask " Can please spare me 20seconds of your time?", which rather well spoils your mood.

Next you say '' No thanks, im busy. '', and the force of blue pen shall say "Eh brother, don't like this larh, this is helping other people leh."* The force gets stronger, as in many more employed close in to you and say the dame thing * You like it or not, thier face suddenly twist itself, squeezed up together, with all the oil being squeezed out, so as to make a pimple-less... ...

Now you buy the pen, and they say " Buy more lar, this is helping leh, please larh brother.Oi "This time, you should scold them "fuck off"... ... Now if you are alone and approached, most probably you'll end up as the same deepshit except that its worse considering the fact that you are alone, and financially lesser 'income'.

So.. WALAU! Really those people deserve to die.


Topic3, Frown to make others happy.

Have you noticed about Singapore police? Let me fill you in what i found out.
Polices in other countries seem to be so happy to be one, they smile, laugh and acts like everything normal people does when happy. They smile when saw people, greet cheerfully and all... Now think of the polices in Singapore.

They frown, look fierce, stand in position and grace. In fact, they frown so much that the public are afraid of them. Never seem to smile except on tv shows, and also only a slight smile, and disappears 0.5seconds later. Nevertheless, this is rather... ... a good fact.

Why do i say that? Because of this public response of "afraid of the police" reaction, they will seldom communicate with the police unless really necessary. This makes the Singapore police more focused and alert in their job, which is an important role, to keep Singapore safe internally, and sometimes externally.


My long post has finally come to an end. You can comment about it, which i recommend.



Norman Au.

Blogged at 9:40 PM, +8 GMT


For topic 1:
i skipped it; =x
not tt interested with playstations;

For topic 2:
i had been ask to buy pens for charity;
at 1st, one came towards me and my friends, then as he persuade us to buy, more and more people gathered ard us to persuade us oso.
it's kinda irritating, realli;
somemore, after buying that useless pen and leaving de "crowd" not further than 5m, another person came towards us and ask us to buy again; -.-"

For topic 3:
i wasn't sure if singapore policemen are alwaes frowning;
but i am sure that i am not afraid of them even if they frown lahx; xP
cause me is guai bao bao~ no do badbad things;

long post + long comment; xP

By Blogger xuenii~*, at November 13, 2006 12:15 AM  

haha eunice here..

the most memorable experience i had with those kind of people was like this:

those ppl: excuse me miss do you mind me using a min of your time?

me: yes i mind. (not allowing him to interrupt) i really mind. really seriously i really mind.

those ppl: gives you those kind of bu shuang attitude.

me: walked away le... duh haha

By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 15, 2006 12:05 AM  

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