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Friday, November 10, 2006

No Specific title, Singapore idol/idiot?

Low detailed version of my blog is out. Visit it at http://ld-namron.blogspot.com .

Im aware that my blog has been dead for so long already. Hope all of you don't mind. If you mind, i will go back in time to write posts and publish JUST FOR YOU(:. For your information, this post is NOTHING about streaming except this sentence, cause the streaming so sucked.



What is so amazing about singapore idol is how the audiences who are not in any relationship with the contestants spil out SO MUCH MONEY to vote for their favourite 'idol'. Maybe they pray to thier idol at home everyday every hour.

Singapore idol has already gone through 2 seasons already. Both seasons made someone rich like shit, if nobody realizes. Its like people pouring money on you non-stop until u choke but you won't die. And i wonder why all the idols do are sing only. I mean.. idol right??not SINGER??

And..why is it so amazing to watch it..? I don't get it larh. You only see contestants standing on stage singing and then kenna kick out of Singapore idol, perished, deemed as LOSER, never to be seen again on stage... ... until kena revive. Normally if you notice, the revived one always ends up to be near the top or is the winner.

... ..."Vote for your favourite IDOL to be revived, NOW. Each vote can be sent through sms for only $0.05!!"And why revival? The reason for audiences are because they might have just did badly in 1 of their show because of sickness, etc. BUT... ... the reason for 'someone' to create revival round is because of ADDITIONAL MONEY.

Imagine the entire population of Singaporeans aged 12-22 just voted once. How much will 'someone' earn??? Not that some people only voted once.. some vote like hundreds and say they DON'T regret. WTF is wrong with them??? I mean its ok if thats your family member... ... but if you don't even know the person??? Do you think they even know you?

The 'thankyou everyone' effect. It always seems to work huh. The idol just havta say' thankyoueveryone for your support!!!', and thousand more people will vote for him/her. Some say because he/she appreciate the votes. LAME... you voting for him/her leh, of course will larh. Or you expect him/her to say "GO DIE LARH.DON'T VOTE FOR ME LARH"? Also note that he/she is thanking EVERYONE, not specifically YOU, so no need to get so excited there, right?

Want to know more? I really don't understand how people can chase after these kinds of shows.
How many have already come out in Singapore??? Singapore idol(twice), Dunno what Superstar( going to twice), Superstar school edition(once). And many of you are still going crazy over them ... ... don't you ever get bored?no???


Comments are welcomed.

Norman Au.

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