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Sunday, November 05, 2006

*Mid-Night post warning, considered 4th november post?*
( I would like to emphasize again, that all are my personal comments. )

Racism sucks. Racism sucks. Racism sucks. Are you not glad to be in Singapore??? Where different race can CO-EXIST TOGETHER??? Judging from most people in Singapore, racism is not a big problem here.

Ok. Lets compare Singapore with other countries... ...
Would you like to be in a country where only a certain race gets the high ranking job? Serious racial riots are occuring at many countries. Fight fight fight, different color also CANNOT IS IT? You see rainbow got 7 colors also together one what.

( Don't tell me about when the 7 colors of the rainbow mixed already very ugly, cause i did not tell different races to have SEX with each other a few thousand times until everyone in the world are of the same race. )

Wonder why people dislike other races so much. There are much racism in other countries. They ( not all ) seem to have problems with people who are not their own race. Why do they ( not pointing to Americans) hate people of different colors so much???

Also of course, racism occurs in Singapore too.


1) Not the same race as you that means more stupid, more dumb arh???
2) Not the same race that means dirty???
3) Not the same race that means soooo wrong???
4) You think your race BEST ? You think even got a BEST race???


If that is what you people think, that means everyone are stupid. Since we are all stupid, refer back to 1. Now what have you gotta say?

Being a racist practically means being unreasonably stupid and dumb to think that others are inferior to you.

Norman Au.

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