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Thursday, November 02, 2006


" Don't break mirror! You will get 7 years of bad luck!!! "
" Don't walk under ladder, or else bad things will happen!!! "
" DO NOT open umbrella at home, you are blocking the wealth from getting in!!! "

... ...Familiar lines? Ever feel irritated when you are about to walk under a ladder, some stranger pushes you off and say "DON'T!", which later he/she explains to you that you will get bad luck.

Ohhh yes. When you break a mirror, you really get 7 years of bad luck, and im not lying. There are scientific proves. When you break a mirror, the element of luck escapes and runs away. In the case of mirror, there are much elements of luck. What are elements of luck? Duno, i made it.

NEVER open umbrella at home, you will not get richer but become poorer instead. But when you close the umbrella, no matter how much you spend and use despite you have no job, you will still get richer. REALLY.

Just pointing out that these some superstitions are really absurd.



I have no idea why singapore named dawnyang as 'hottest singapore blogger'. Do they actually just called 169 voters out of a few million bloggers a SIGNIFICANT WIN? I don't even think they know the link to the website, or rather not bothering to vote.

If singapore wants real accurate results, they should not have opened a voting list unless its a compulsory-to-do-vote, which will never be. Also, people might be mistaken by the word 'hottest blogger'. What does it mean? Two different meaning, either the person, or the blog.

Read her blog,
I don't really feel that it is very interesting, as it is about her life, and not other stuffs. However different people like different types of blogs.. .. so she must be famous in some way or another. To me, it seems tat her blog is just like other regular blogs, but it might not be the case to others.


And... ... anyone realise that the blogosphere in Singapore is growing rapidly? It is amazing, people loves blogging so much. When realize that blogging is cool and seems nice, they blog for 3DAYS BEFORE LEAVING IT TO ROT. To bloggers: Hope all of you will not quit blogging so soon! If you try blogging just for a few days for fun, why not leave the url available to others who really likes blogging?


Your comments are appreciated.

Norman Au.

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