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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Competition Madness
(No pics, personal opinion)

Ok, i admit im against all the competitions show as they are obviously "treating us as fish and use a bait to hook us up. They give us an idol to worship hundreds of times a day, kowtow 500times a day till our head bleed and brain smashed, make a religion out of it and thus the celebrity becomes a god.

Now when this particular god dies of some kind of reason, people cry for him/her until they go blind. I believe when their parents die they don't cry as much fuck as they do compared to these celebrities. So why are people still falling into this fucking trap?Also, it is true these celebrities earn their fame by people voting for them using money larh. The crafty business men made these kind profit so cleverly hidden, making a fool out of so many people. I think i should elaborate.

For example the survivor round. Why do you think they make it?!?!? Because, the fact that you have seen how good those people whom are kicked out are, you would want them to have another chance. With that fact, you would vote more. And why do you think the finals is held so long?

One can win the competition easily after qualified.
*Have many friends and family members
*All are fucking rich
*Willing to spend a lot of money

Many people don't realize that since voting rate is higher than professional judgment rate, it becomes very unfair. Now winning is not because the person is really the best among the contestants...it is because of votes.

Norman Au.

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