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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Confidence of Honor and Glory.
(Crap talk)

Tonight on http://ahs-namron.blogspot.com, we shall learn about having enough self-esteem (Tomorrow will be about Defending human rights). As everyone know, having enough self-esteem is extremely important. Having low self-esteem can lead to certain death, and this is no joke. You see, when a person have low-self esteem, the person tend to be sad more often, which will lead to depression, then suicidal. It is terribly sad when 1 dies of low-self esteem.

Fortunately, the http://ahs-namron.blogspot.com team has found the perfect cure, and no, we are not joking.The answer to this major problem is..

Yes its true. The answer is YOU. Find the truth within yourself..find your true self, and the problem is solved. How? Simple. Be sure that you are a good lie detector, so that when you lie to yourself, you can spot the lie and be true. If not, you need the lie-detector machine.


What you will need:
1) A lot of$
2) Local and US government permission

Time required:
24hours- ~hours

Email a letter to the Local and US government and wait for their reply.Place an article to state that you are buying a lie-detector machine for $50,000,000 SGD.
Alternatively, you can obtain the machine this way too:

1) Great brain
2) Speedy
3) SWAT team under your control ( Walk into the White House and ask for a loan from the president of USA.)
4) 150 Sets of M-16 ( Steal a couple of em from the Singapore Armed Forces and run as fast as you can away)
5) At least 10 Anti tank missiles ( Walk into the White House and ask for a loan from the president of USA. )
6) At least 500 Bombs ( Loan from president of USA)
7) Good relationship with George Bush. ( Call George Bush and chit-chat with him often.)

Time required:
About a week

Know how to control your SWAT team. Next, instruct your men to rob a lie-detector machine and escape. When Government finds out, police will come. Fire at will with the M-16s. When the country is under crisis, and when tanks are seen, use Anti-Tank missiles. Once the country is down, You will have to pay up for the equipments borrowed.

Sacrifice your SWAT team, Convince them to be suicide bombers with your brilliant mind. Next spread out your SWAT team throughout the White House and wait for them to explode. Another one down.

Many people found this method very useful and are still using it even till today. One example is Muthusamy, who has grown happier after trying our method out.Look at his 'before' photo. Look at the creased eyebrows and the obvious, fake smile, and now look at his 'after' photo, the one with the genuine smile, opening up to everyone. Have more self-esteem!

---------- Before ---------- |----------- After -----------

"I was pretty upset back then as i always feel that i am worthless and all. However i found my true self" Muthusamy s/o Kaka

Also, there are others:

---------- Before ----------| ---------- After ------------

" My parents were disappointed to know that i love boys. I was very sad to be different from normal people too. However i got more self-esteem and what the heck, i did what normal guys won't do." Gay-san

---------- Before -----------| ----------- After -----------

" I was fired by my boss everywhere i go, and was losing much self-worthiness. However now i quit before the boss can fire me and became a much happier person." George Boosh

Other anonymous happy people:


Will post more often.

Norman Au.

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