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Sunday, December 10, 2006

'Stand-up comedians' and Meditating freaks.
(Paint tool post, read bold texts especially loud.)

One fine day, Norman was going home from Choa Chu Kang after being there. He took a LRT home from Choa Chu Kang to Bukit Panjang. Once inside, noticed some was seating and some was standing, but those firmly ain't grabbing to anything, and trying their best to stay balanced. he scan through where the metal poles are and saw

As a sudden brake occurred during the ride of doom, Norman's hand make a quick grab at the pole, of which was violently rejected.

Ok, my point here is to talk about these inconsiderate people on public transports. Basically they hug the poles as if its the first time they seen it, and MY DOES THE POLE SHINE, AFTER it was hugged by the person.. and possibly French-kissed.

They hug the poles with great care, and their ass rub and rub against the pole, left to right, right to left, in perfect sequence and accuracy. Then they found a seat and went to take it. The next thing you might see is that little kids rushing up the train, grabbing the poles, playing and acidentally kissing the pole, and drool on it somemore. It is like WTF?! Same as kissing the ass.

Ok. I think you get what i mean larh..

Also there are 'meditators' on the bus, emitting much magic and pure energy, bursting through time, space and seats. They look so extreme, their mere force could shatter a few bones here and there. With arms outstretched, they remain balancing on a tiny fulcrum, looking ready to collapse in no time. For example, have a look below..

(Click image for larger view)

The Meditator i spotted and took a picture of. He had a force within himself, which unknowingly caused the aunt to his right to turn to him. One of his arm was outstretched and look like a snake..moving swiftly..left and right..left and right..and SNAP! Below the tail of the snake lies a dark patch, where weeds grow to their fullest. Natural fertilizer can be found there. Now, please have a look at the heavily circled area.

WHAT could HE have been DOING? Let us start from what we an see, as evidence. We can see that all his five fingers are slightly bent in, making it look like he is grabbing or scratching something. Now his hand lies between both legs, that means that the something must be between his legs.

So our evidences so far are quite a lot, so to bring it short..
Five fingers scratching or grabbing something between his legs. Not much progress..so lets try to find more evidences..

Lets look at his expression. With eyes like those and mouth opened and arched and head tilted slightly diagonally upwards, i can safely say that he is feeling good.

Also notice that there are 3 women around him, and he is a male. These are important notes of course, you can write them down.

Now looking at his right hand again, i noticed that it is stretching out towards the right,regardless whether if it does look like a snake or not, caused much attention to people around him.
Also one of his leg is positioned tactically, for the comfort of his own, and distress to others.

In this case, he must be doing something that is not many will do, since it causes so much attention. As you can see, he is occupying much space which may be part of the distress.

With all the evidences so far lets group them together, with the bold texts most important.

*Five fingers scratching or grabbing something between his legs
*Feeling good
*Only male
*3 women around only
*His action causing much attention
*Comfort of his own, distress to others
*Only part of the distress is due to his occupation of too much space.


This is what meditators do on public transport, occupying so much space that people want to give then a huge smack. When actual humans come into communication with these beings, these beings gives out a shockwave, and if it doesn't knock the humans right out of balance, the forceshield created 5 seconds later did the trick.

This is why humans now use the execution format. You don't see humans saying 'excuse me please can you move inside please?'. Now you see humans that say 'Get your fucking leg off the fucking chair and quit fucking around with me or die'.



Norman Au.

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