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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Totally lame and idiotic ads are usually everywhere these days, especially slimming ads. Just walk through any shopping centers and you'll come across at least one. The picture above is one very good example of stupid ad.

"Its amazing! I lost 5kg in less than a month thanks to Xando!"
"I recommend uZap, you'll get in shape in less than 3months!"
"It really works, keeps your face acne free!"

Next, they use those already perfect appearances for their ads, and STILL people fall for this crap. For example they use Fiona Xie, who has NEVER been fat after uZap was made, as a model* for their product. Ridiculous.

Note that the models are paid to do what the company ask for. Not that the products are useless. The products are good, just that they use the wrong people for advertisement.

Also, slimming companies often use the same people for advertisement, usually Fann Wong, Fiona Xie, etc. If all the slimming products worked as much as what they have stated, they would be totally weightless and floating right now, at this very moment. Or perhaps negative weight.

But what we see isn't the case, so if the slimming has STILL been working out perfectly fine, that means our celebrities have been losing weight and gaining weight EFFICIENTLY with great speed and ease. One moment they lose 5kg, and the next they gain another 6kg. So we will often see them bulging out exaggeratively at one time and totally deflated the next.

In this case, it will be more liking impossible, so i conclude that the slimming had not worked no the models, though it might still be effective as the models might not have taken the treatment*.

Norman Au.

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