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Friday, January 26, 2007

(in case you can't see)

as i am a Singaporean and am a youth. I am not one who cuts himself everywhere and says "life is meaningless..why..just..leave me alone.." or "i am sad and i want to die.. i find myself useless..". Life has a meaning. If you do not know the meaning, there is always a dictionary.

I am a secondary school boy, and i just love blogging. Many of my friends consider me a joker. I love all my friends! I am not a loner who love the darkness, who love to be alone, who love to do things themselves. I mean act cool.

I also love taking pictures of almost everything!

Who says Singapore is not safe? It is SAFE.

Tested with ACTUAL exam scanner(:. This eraser is just great! It can erase pencil marks, just like other erasers do!!! This 2B pencil is great too. It can be used to write.

Vivo-city is dangerous.

*Cleaning in progress?*

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Videos are no exception too.



Drawing is great too! Look at this ambigram of which i made myself.

( Ambigram is a picture of a word that when inverted, looks exactly the same as "before inverted". This is an Ambigram of my name, Norman)


One thing about me that many people don't believe is that i actually don't play online games. I find it a great waste of time, for example, ********** (Forget it, some idiot might sue me).

*OH i love you so much, i want to give you mana potions*
*Omg..that is so touching.. don't die and leave me alone!!! I can give you HP potions!!!*
*Lets all love each other and level up(:*

And i believe that most smokers ought to die. They pollute this Earth and guess what they think? Some believe that is cool. It is cool to pollute the Earth and destroy living creatures?
Yes. I hate smokers. Every single time i step out of my house, usually just the first bus-stop i see i can spot someone smoking away.


Being a youth is great. I do not have to worry on financial problems and yet am given the rights to make my own decision. Being a youth also means making a wrong decision doesn't land you into that much of a trouble as compared to an adult.

And the travel fare is cheap.

Norman Au.

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