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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

SO VOTE! Videos down or up? Next post probably tml.

Delete the videos?

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Norman Au.

Blogged at 11:00 PM, +8 GMT


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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Stop eating, be happy.
Full? Can't stuff another mouthful of food into your mouth? Then stop eating unless you want to die and disappear from the face of this Earth, forgotten in the years to come, if not, be known as someone who eats to death and be laughed at for eternity. Famous people will write articles on how stupid you are. Sometimes, all you need is the courage to stop eating.

Don't worry, cheap scare tactics like "Every grain on rice that you left uneaten, you will gain one additional pimple." won't and will never come true. Even if they do (which they will not), there are always acne removal creams.

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An Adult: But think about those poor kids who does not even have enough money to buy rice to eat for a day! And those people whose countries are in war and there isn't enough food to go about! God has given you the opportunity to have 3 meals a day. What more can you ask but to finish your food up? Just imagine if you were one of those little kids! Aren't you gonna finish your food now?!

Me: No, i'm full.
Whether i am able to finish up my food does not affect those poor kids who can't afford to eat enough, even if they deserve our pity(which they do). It doesn't matter. Even when i finish the food up, it doesn't mean food will drop from the sky for them.

Adult: Farmers work all day long just to get (insert a random number, ranging from 1-10 only) grains of rice. Just finish the food. Do not waste it.

Me: No.

Circumstance 2
You are not full, but you do not like the food that you brought, or you just don't want to eat.

Adult: Why you eat so little and buy so much?

Me: The food isn't nice

Adult: Then why did you buy them?!?!

Remember, you do not know what the food taste like if you never taste them before. So how can people blame you for buying food that you don't like? Unless you are stupid enough to buy something which u already knew and dislike, they can't. So fight back!

YOU: Eating when you already know that you are full is bad. The additional food that goes into your body is stored as fats. I do not want to force myself to eat and then to force myself to exercise as a result when i can just simply don't eat them.

YOU: I do not like the food. I do not want to vomit and damage my organs when i'm just (insert your age). Unlike you.


Norman Au.

Blogged at 9:46 PM, +8 GMT


nice post!!! so now i can blame the adults, fufufu for influencing me in eating all the food until nothing left...(jk) (which caused me to look even fatter and fatter...)

By Blogger fufufu, at February 24, 2007 11:54 PM  

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Truly Singapore
Few days ago, i went to a mall named "Ten-Mile Junction" for dinner. Coincidentally, that day was near to Chinese New Year, and a "god of fortune" was present. The god of fortune, obviously sponsored by Tiger Beer TM, was busy giving out paper ingots of which contains 4 random numbers.I received one of the paper ingots. A picture of a blind pig was printed on the front side of the ingot. Beneath it lies 4 random digits, which people use to buy 4D since it is given from the "god of fortune" and all.

I tore the babi apart and saw the number 3338 staring back at me, and yet another Tiger Bear TM advertisement at the side. Nothing much yah? Click on the image below.

Yep. My father got 3337, i got 3338, and my mum got 3339. They are too lazy to even make their scheme less obvious.. i mean how long does it take to shuffle a deck of cards?


On 14th February 2007,
Some tissue papers sat on a table.

These people are extremely inconsiderate and idiotic to use tissue papers to book seats. Are Singaporeans really that Kiasu? Just look at the image above. If all four seats are occupied as shown, then there are 3 "Kiasu" people and one Kiasu and brainless smoker. Smoking sucks.

And the picture above is in CBD( Central Business District), Burger King outlet. The people are supposed to be more civilized there. Suppose to be.


TOM: Who is this idiotic asshole who try to book a seat using tissue paper!
TOM: No.
JACK: Then scram
TOM: Why?
JACK: I came first.
TOM: No, I came first.
JACK: You liar! Can't you see that tissue paper?
TOM: It is clean. Why?
TOM: But i came first. I left my dead skin cells on the table. They are of good quality.
TOM: It's Ok . "(=".

So be careful of what you do! You'll never know when your picture or something you have done is broad casted on http://ahs-namron.blogspot.com!



Norman Au.

Blogged at 10:42 PM, +8 GMT


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Saturday, February 10, 2007

How about exercising?

Tired of always being the famous person during PE lesson? Tired of being known as cute and chubby at the age of lets say..15? Tired of being laughed at by your friends??? Then lose some fats!

If you are truly determined to lose fats, please do not be lazy and take shortcuts. It is stupid. Here is a list of stupid ways to lose fats.

1) Eat less than one meal a day
2) Do not touch meat
3) After eating, regrets and attempt to forcefully vomit out what you ate.
4) Pills? (For people who cannot exercise due to deficiencies)

5) Go for an Operation.

I don't understand why people want to lose fats if they just don't want to exercise. I mean, if you have enough determination to lose fats, why not exercise? Do you really have to do something stupid such as above?

Like going for Operation? Makes you feel so pain and cost a bomb. Stupid? Definitely. But its outstanding. If your parents found out that you are doing it, they just have to go to the hospital and find the room named "Emergency idiot room".

I don't even understand how human beings are able to think of such a bright idea as to stay trim. It is just an advance version of cutting off your fats. Why not just cut off your fats with a knife at home? It just cost a few packets of plaster.

People who want to be slim but do not exercise just brings me to 1 conclusion. Lazy.. and fat. The worst thing is you aren't Garfield, so you ain't funny. Even if you are Garfield, you are also not funny. People laugh at how Garfield looks. Look below.

..You call this a cat?


By the way people! I did not get into the competition. Meanwhile you can all go and vote for contestant B7 (http://mrotaku.blogspot.com) at http://vote.youth.sg. Please do vote!!! Contestant B7 only! It just takes a few simple steps anyway.


Norman Au.

Blogged at 10:19 PM, +8 GMT


yo, exercising is a good way to losing weight. But than do you have any idea how an obese mindset goes like? its hard to lose weight dude. You will only know how and obese person feels like if your FAT. Obese people face a lot of obstacle in life, they ain't fit and all they wish is to lose weight fast. so in frustration they do the 5 things you mention early in your post. Again what they are doing is ridiculous. Well what this people need is encouragement dude. They are not LAZY, its hard for them to move their heavy butt and tummy to exercise. But than again, with good physical trainers and some good advice from their fella mates i am sure they will do the right thing. And we fat people aint meantally WEAK, we need a lot of support and encouragement.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 11, 2007 1:38 AM  

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Yahoo or Google?
Do you people prefer to use Google or Yahoo as search engines? If you are using others search engines, which would you prefer?

Websites: Google.com Yahoo.com

I choose Google.

Why? Yahoo.com lags my computer(yep, my comp is slow) by showing me massive number of ads(even flash ads), forcefully making me to download them every time i enter the yahoo.

I mean, the main reason why most people visit search engines such as these two is to search right? Isn't that why they are known as search engines? I do not need one whole chunk of the weather forecast, fancy cars etc. Even if i do it doesn't have to be a flash animation that lag my computer, especially a sun icon changing color consistently from lighter yellow to darker yellow, then to lighter yellow again.

That is why Google is great. The website does not have stupid flashy advertisements. The people who created and maintain Google have brains. They do not want to lag the users just because they want to earn more money by letting other websites place their advertisement in them.

Google is great. Yahoo is not.(Warning, this is a personal opinion)

So which do you think is better, Yahoo or Google?


Norman Au.

Blogged at 10:57 PM, +8 GMT


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

By Blogger xueni ;, at February 07, 2007 11:26 PM  

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

The New Language, aka TNL.
Has anyone heard about this new "language" in the net? This language shall be addressed as TNL in http://ahs-namron.blogspot.com. Trust me, it will not take me a long time to insult this pathetic crap.

I have discovered that many people uses TNL in blogs, diarys and in fact anything that requires you to write English. It is a language ONLY used by Singaporeans, mostly teens, and are usually females. An example is shown below.

"ii um sh00 iin LURBBE wiff eu."

Lets analyze TNL, and find out how to read it.


"ii um sh00 iin LURBBE wiff eu."

Sentence: ii umm shoo iin LURBBE wiff eu.
Letters: 24

Pronunciation: i erm shor een lerbb weef eee-u.
Simple Pronunciation: i erm sho in lerb with you.
Checked with actualy TNL user: I am so in love with you.

ii um shoo iin LURBBE with eu. (24letters, barely legible)
I am so in love with you. (18letters, legible)


It is simple. TNL= SHIT. Whoever disagrees with me is wrong. Remember, your mind is controlled by me when you are in my blog. But it seems that there are people who love using TNL despite so many disadvantages for using it.

TNL is usually used by Singaporeans who think they are cute just by writing TNL. WAKE UP!!! TNL isn't cool, and you aren't cute even though you know TNL well enough to irritate all your friends.

Next, do not try to argue that TNL can be understood by everyone because:
I do not care.
And you are wrong! Go and ask your mother tongue teachers if they understand. I believe most of them wouldn't. Go to foreign countries and ask if they understand. I bet most don't. Admit it, you are finding excuses, and these excuses aren't even good enough to defend yourself.

TNL represents friendliness.
Wrong. I have seen some blogs (go find yourself, I've forgotten all the links) which tell people to f-off just because they are unhappy with their life. Why? Control your attitude unless you want to live alone forever please. F-off your blog? Then why all the fancy links? Delete them!

Aiya nevermind lah! I write doesn't affect you right??
You are wrong again(:, don't you feel discouraged? EUU RITTE THISHH TAEP ORF LANGUEGG DARSH AIRFAG MUAII RIDDIN'..and mood you know.

There. Don't you feel that TNL is a useless form of communication? If you think so, you are right.

Umlassh euu fiil thishh issh march betta.


Comments if possible!

Norman Au.

Blogged at 8:40 PM, +8 GMT


omg! dude i agree 100% that TNL = shit. hehe and yeah that type of language does affect my reading and mood! but dude sadly a lot of cute girls tend to use that language. haha I think they will be pissed off with your post. But than who cares. What you said in your post is so true. You are right and they are wrong. haha

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 04, 2007 11:47 PM  

somehow, i really dont understand the TNL language u used, other than the line "ii um sh00 iin LURBBE wiff eu."

if everyone type liike tiish horx, i rather dont read or chat with anyone online ehx.

people are complaining how complicated life can be, and there people making it more complicated. hahx;

tiish iish sh00 sh00 dumbdumb eehx; wattaever lahhx


By Blogger xueni ;, at February 05, 2007 10:44 PM  

AWW! Totally agree with this post! (: These people are totally twits. Wasting their time & energy typing something more than enough. hahah. GREAT POST! :D

By Blogger Shawna, at February 10, 2007 11:34 PM  

I strongly agree! I don't type in those type of language either! YAYS.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at December 02, 2008 10:28 PM  

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