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Saturday, February 10, 2007

How about exercising?

Tired of always being the famous person during PE lesson? Tired of being known as cute and chubby at the age of lets say..15? Tired of being laughed at by your friends??? Then lose some fats!

If you are truly determined to lose fats, please do not be lazy and take shortcuts. It is stupid. Here is a list of stupid ways to lose fats.

1) Eat less than one meal a day
2) Do not touch meat
3) After eating, regrets and attempt to forcefully vomit out what you ate.
4) Pills? (For people who cannot exercise due to deficiencies)

5) Go for an Operation.

I don't understand why people want to lose fats if they just don't want to exercise. I mean, if you have enough determination to lose fats, why not exercise? Do you really have to do something stupid such as above?

Like going for Operation? Makes you feel so pain and cost a bomb. Stupid? Definitely. But its outstanding. If your parents found out that you are doing it, they just have to go to the hospital and find the room named "Emergency idiot room".

I don't even understand how human beings are able to think of such a bright idea as to stay trim. It is just an advance version of cutting off your fats. Why not just cut off your fats with a knife at home? It just cost a few packets of plaster.

People who want to be slim but do not exercise just brings me to 1 conclusion. Lazy.. and fat. The worst thing is you aren't Garfield, so you ain't funny. Even if you are Garfield, you are also not funny. People laugh at how Garfield looks. Look below.

..You call this a cat?


By the way people! I did not get into the competition. Meanwhile you can all go and vote for contestant B7 (http://mrotaku.blogspot.com) at http://vote.youth.sg. Please do vote!!! Contestant B7 only! It just takes a few simple steps anyway.


Norman Au.

Blogged at 10:19 PM, +8 GMT


yo, exercising is a good way to losing weight. But than do you have any idea how an obese mindset goes like? its hard to lose weight dude. You will only know how and obese person feels like if your FAT. Obese people face a lot of obstacle in life, they ain't fit and all they wish is to lose weight fast. so in frustration they do the 5 things you mention early in your post. Again what they are doing is ridiculous. Well what this people need is encouragement dude. They are not LAZY, its hard for them to move their heavy butt and tummy to exercise. But than again, with good physical trainers and some good advice from their fella mates i am sure they will do the right thing. And we fat people aint meantally WEAK, we need a lot of support and encouragement.

By Anonymous Fish, at February 11, 2007 1:38 AM  

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