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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Stop eating, be happy.
Full? Can't stuff another mouthful of food into your mouth? Then stop eating unless you want to die and disappear from the face of this Earth, forgotten in the years to come, if not, be known as someone who eats to death and be laughed at for eternity. Famous people will write articles on how stupid you are. Sometimes, all you need is the courage to stop eating.

Don't worry, cheap scare tactics like "Every grain on rice that you left uneaten, you will gain one additional pimple." won't and will never come true. Even if they do (which they will not), there are always acne removal creams.

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An Adult: But think about those poor kids who does not even have enough money to buy rice to eat for a day! And those people whose countries are in war and there isn't enough food to go about! God has given you the opportunity to have 3 meals a day. What more can you ask but to finish your food up? Just imagine if you were one of those little kids! Aren't you gonna finish your food now?!

Me: No, i'm full.
Whether i am able to finish up my food does not affect those poor kids who can't afford to eat enough, even if they deserve our pity(which they do). It doesn't matter. Even when i finish the food up, it doesn't mean food will drop from the sky for them.

Adult: Farmers work all day long just to get (insert a random number, ranging from 1-10 only) grains of rice. Just finish the food. Do not waste it.

Me: No.

Circumstance 2
You are not full, but you do not like the food that you brought, or you just don't want to eat.

Adult: Why you eat so little and buy so much?

Me: The food isn't nice

Adult: Then why did you buy them?!?!

Remember, you do not know what the food taste like if you never taste them before. So how can people blame you for buying food that you don't like? Unless you are stupid enough to buy something which u already knew and dislike, they can't. So fight back!

YOU: Eating when you already know that you are full is bad. The additional food that goes into your body is stored as fats. I do not want to force myself to eat and then to force myself to exercise as a result when i can just simply don't eat them.

YOU: I do not like the food. I do not want to vomit and damage my organs when i'm just (insert your age). Unlike you.


Norman Au.

Blogged at 9:46 PM, +8 GMT


nice post!!! so now i can blame the adults, fufufu for influencing me in eating all the food until nothing left...(jk) (which caused me to look even fatter and fatter...)

By Blogger fufufu, at February 24, 2007 11:54 PM  

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