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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Holiday sucks

This post is another post that isn't funny. Surprised? First post in a few months about myself.

The main reason why i have not been updating is because i have been ill these few days... which many people think its not serious, which of course, isn't true. I have been sick ever since Monday(Holiday) and up till now, i have not fully recover.

My first-course

Next, i got fever which is considerably high for two days. Temperature ranging from 37.8-38.1 degree celcius. My normal temperature is usually 36.2-36.6. Fever for me is usually 37.2-37.5.
Thus, my second-course. And curse the weather. When i got high fever, it pours for days. Oh and everytime im having a fever, i always feel that im going mad or going to die. Ask me why, and i will reply "i don't know". But still... ... ask me.

Next, i got serious cough. Pneumonia? Nah, don't think its that serious. Doesn't matter. Anyway the doctor said it was quite serious and could lead to asthma or something if i had visited the doctor later. Thus i missed NCC and my third course of medicine:

This time it was pretty bad. I got side effects from the medicine and my hand tremble by itself which scared the shit out of me anyway.

My cough got better anyway but its still quite serious. I visited the doctor again and got MC (Unfit for physical exercise for TWO WEEKS)
And here is my latest one:

And that is all. I have not yet recovered lah. So if you are bored, read my Recommended posts on the right ok lah. Being ill sucks. Having mc sucks.


Norman Au.

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Get Well Soon and Blog daily.
Hope to read your blog daily.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 22, 2007 10:20 AM  

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