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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Our TV

Is your TV square or rectangle? Hopefully it is not round or oval. But that does not matter. Nowadays drama shows are getting boring. An example is shown below.
Both the guy and the girl loves each other deeply.

Guess what happened NEXT!!!

The girl left the boy for some kind of reason, like parents force or something. She waited for a bus.

Guess what happened NEXT!!!

The guy runs and coincidentally when the bus started moving off, the guy caught sight of the girl on the bus, screams her name and chase after the bus.

Guess what happened NEXT!!!

The girl will be seen crying, and the guy stops running and pant.

Guess what happened NEXT!!!

The guy turns behind and somehow, the girl is right in front of the guy. Both of them married and die in the end.


I mean, where is the suspense? TV shows are getting more and more predictable nowadays such that people are getting tired of them. However, the example above isn't bad enough. There are worse drama shows. They are drama shows with no significant ending. As in shows of which two guys falls for a girl, and the girl has a hard time choosing 1 out of 2 of them. It all ends when the girl went to study abroad and the two guys left single and heartbroken.

Personally, these show sucks. I would have regretted watching the show in the first place if i had known that the ending would be so shitty. Can't think of better endings? Then don't start the show! Isn't it simple? I watch the show because I'm interested to find out who the girl will choose!

And finally, the shittiest of all. The 'VOTE FOR THIS ENDING' show.

If you want me to slap the director's face, sms 01 to 75143!
If you want the me to punch the director, sms 02 to 75143!

Why does these show suck so much? Reason being that we, the audience gets to decide what ending the show will have. STUPID? 100%. This isn't a game, its a show. A DRAMA. Get real. If i want to play a game, i would not choose to pay money on such a dumbass game. Instead, GameBoy Nintendo is much better (Even if it still sucks).


Norman Au.

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