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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pens exist for us to write, not for us to fling it with might and justice so as to attain high level skills to kill dragons of the devil sea or the dark witch of the south. There is a reason to why the person who created the object "pen", decided to insert ink as part of a pen. Spinning them isn't the reason, and any attempt to advocate the opposite shall be ignored.

The picture above shows a man or a woman that is unable to hold firmly to a pen properly, just like a paralyzed child. From the picture, one can see that the thumb and the index finger are trying to grab hold of the pen, which unfortunately wasn't there.

Thus, i have come to a conclusion that people who flings pen around are paralyzed child that are on the road to recovery and are receiving treatments. The patient grabbing hold of the pen between his/her index finger and thumb firmly and write an essay of not less than 100words marks the end of the treatment.

I have an dream. It is one that will outshine all other dreams. It is also one that will change the world completely, a medical improvement, that is to be able to heal paralyzed people just by slapping their face.

Also, i shall have the expression on the girl's face exactly like the picture above. I will place a pen beside the patient's hand and right after that, proceed to slap him. If the person did not recover immediately i would slap again, and slap harder when i see signs of revival. I will only stop when the patient grab firmly of the pen beside him.


He can't hold his pen firmly! Notice how he is UNABLE to grab the pen at the last second of the video, AND HAD TO DROP THE PEN INSTEAD!!! Of which, he proceeded to hold the mice.
And trust me, pen-spinning doesn't require much talent. What you need are
1) A pen
2) Your master hand
3) An empty place

First of all, locate your master hand.

Next, find the pen.

Now here goes the fun part, where you get to spin the pen. Follow what the video shows you and you will be able to spin a pen!


Norman Au.

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