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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Whats your sign? Nah it doesn't matter. Horoscopes are stupid. We are all living in the 21st century. In case you guys don't realize it, the Earth is now modernized. There are no longer walking monkeys in the streets. Most of us now know that the Earth is round. And we also know that our Sun is actually a star in our solar system. The other stars belong to other solar systems.

But amongst us, there are people who believes that by looking at stars on Earth, we can predict people's future, love-life, finance, past, not forgetting the fact that they are able to give suggestion to what you must do in order to evade the incoming mishap.

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I read my horoscope for today. It says this:
Your finances look as though they’ll improve today, but in terms of your personal relationships you’ll need to watch what you say, especially this evening, when someone close will be counting on you to be reliable. If you can avoid any last minute changes to your evening plans!

What about my finances? How will it improve when I'm not even working? Evening plans? You mean to sleep? Horoscopes are shitty. Do not believe in them. Hell, they come from the same generation as when people thought that the earth is flat and the Sun is a God on the move.

Now comes the interesting part. Since i said that horoscope are absurd, why did [ INSERT EVENT THAT HAPPENED] occurred as stated in my daily horoscope?

Did it ever come to you that a person invented the word "coincidence" not just for fun? And since some people believe in horoscope, they analyze every word that the horoscope showed, and even if it isn't true at all, the person will force himself to believe there is. As a result, shit comes out.
Instead of believing in the horoscope, why not believe in the namronscope? It's accuracy are far greater than the horoscope. Below is the namronscope for today, 19th April 2007.

You will experience a feeling that you have felt before. Today will be 19th April 2007. Your girlfriend/boyfriend(if you have one) might ( x% chance, where x is an unknown between 0 to 100) kiss you. You will also eat.

You will wake up after you sleep, and feel tremendously sleepy if you have not slept enough. Adrenaline may be pumping in you as you anticipate for this evening's event : Dinner.

You are evil to a certain extent. You might make friends with a stranger today.


You might get cancer


Some people think you are a lion while others, human.


Feelings of greatness may be experienced. Your finances may go down/up by tomorrow.




You may be involved in staying alive. However do not count on it. It may be a prank made by
your peers.


You have a chance of having sex today, where the % of the chance is undefined or otherwise, not known.


You will find it hard to break a boulder with your bare hands compared to using a crane to lift
one up...then drop it.


Today marks an important day in your life, just like any other days.


You should promote http://ahs-namron.blogspot.com.

Comments are better than tags. For your information, my browser can read cbox. Therefore i won't reply to tags. However, i will reply to comments.

Norman Au.

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