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Sunday, April 01, 2007


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Congratulations to the people who are able to tell that the 'new blog skin' and 'new clean image' of me is an April fool's prank. For those who got fooled, congratulations too. You literally made me laugh staring at my computer screen. I salute you..r intelligence. You should be honoured to make the birthday boy (namely me) laugh.

The link:

I actually thought that the prank was pretty obvious, theres like no way you guys can get tricked. But heck, some people just can't tell. Sorry but i have to be honest lah.

1) I wouldn't allow myself to be hacked cause i just love to blog. My password is more than 15 symbols long. And it's nonsensical.
2) No idiot hacks blog. What do they gain anyway? People hack blogs only if they hate the person.
3) It's April Fools Day. Why choose to hack at April Fools Day?
4) The blog address is http://ahs-namron1.blogspot.com. 1 stands for 1st april.
5) The tagboard is still present. This is a major giveaway. If the blog has been hacked, the hacker will have removed the tagboard..cause he/she doesn't have the ability to access my cbox account.
6) The links. Why is it that some of the links have descriptions of the actual person him/herself? Unless the hacker knows the person in real life.
7) And yeah. I guess the hacker wouldn't know my date of birth to blog about it.

Here are some messages i received from friends who believed my blog was hacked.

"Hey i juz check it out! Yes ur blog has been hacked! The blog was so girley plus if m nt ur url has also been changed i n nt sure! Its ahs-namron.blogspot.com rgt? Bt the hacked one has a number 1 behind it! Scary!"

Observant..but still believed i got hacked.

"It really change. With some chinese song in the background 2"

But wait..i didn't put any chinese song. This guy is trying to fool me?

"Your Blog kena hack? It looks so... Anyway, happy birthday!"


Ok to be fair, some know that it's a joke. But why should i be fair when i can be unfair?

Anyway, here are some April Fools Day prank you can play on others.

1) Call anorexic patients thin. Next, say "APRIL FOOLS!"
2) Dial a random number and demand SGD50,000,000 and that you have his/her mother with you. Tell the other party not to call the police or the mother dies.
3) Threaten to riot outside the parliament and when you get caught, tell them it's just an april fools prank.
4) Play truant, give a fake MC the next day and when the teacher ask, say " Its an april fools joke"
5) Shout "BOMB" in an mrt station several times.
6) Hit the "Break glass" fire alarm button and go around shouting FIRE.
7) Bring a toy gun to a bank and ask to withdraw $5000. Bring the gun up to the counter. Make sure the banker sees the gun.

Here are some jokes which are obvious and stupid, probably made by people who does not use their brains frequently.

1) Theres a monster behind you.
Reason: Monsters don't exist idiot. Think of a better prank? How about "Theres an ant behind you!". At least people might believe you.

2) Theres a cockroach in your mouth.
Reason: If its in my mouth, how do you know? If a cockroach unknowingly crawl all over my face then into my mouth, then i'll be able to feel/spot it since its so big.

3) A spider is making a web on your head.
Reason: Spiders love my hair? Why'd a spider climb onto my head to make a web? Are each strand of my hair so tactically placed that it is perfect for spiders to catch its prey? And i move around.

4) There is a puddle of water in front of you.
Reason: I have eyes.

5) Today is 2ND OF APRIL(:.
Reason: Unless you are trying to tell me that i overslept 24hours(which is completely stupid), otherwise your all wrong.

Thats about it. Have a happy april fools day next year.


Norman Au.

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