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Friday, April 27, 2007

Social Issues
Don't expect any suggestions to improve any of the social issues listed here as i won't be giving any.

There are a number of shit to talk about when it comes to social issues. We have the "I cut myself to know I'm alive", the "Stare what stare?", the inconsiderate idiots on buses, the "I like to kiss my girlfriend in front of everyone", the "ii luvv ssmaal kacee latterhs und tis kiinda shwiit", the smoker and a lot of others to talk about if I'm not as lazy as I usually am.

1) Emo
2) Low-self esteem
3) Inconsiderate
4) Kiss and hug in public
5) ii duuno propall iinklishh
6) I like to kill myself by smoking.
7) Prostitutes

I am EMO!

Behold the new trend EMO. EMO is also known as extremely-sensitive, where EMOs (People who are EMO) usually get offended by whatever comments people give to them.

Person1: Hi
EMO: hi...
Person1: How's life?

Note that even if you are sad, life must go on. Why be sad? Look on the bright side of life. "EMO: That will be equivalent to deceiving oneself." It doesn't matter. At least you won't cut yourself.

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And the all-time favorite phrase of EMO, " I CUT MYSELF TO KNOW I'M ALIVE ". Great job. Are you a kindergarten dropout? Don't know the difference between stupid and brainless? Oh wait, they are the same. Maybe i should talk to know that i have a mouth you know.
I have low-self esteem!
"Stare what stare? Want to fight ah!?" says gangster.

WHAT IF... THE PERSON... IS STARING AT... the pretty girl behind the gangster? What if the person is staring at the wall behind the gangster? Gangsters pick fight at the slightest reason, for example:

Why you walk? Why can't you crawl? Not happy is it? Come and settle lah!


Why did you blink your eye in front of me? Why can't you blink your eyes elsewhere? Is it a necessity to blink your eyes in front of me??YES???

The best response is to endure whatever shit they say. They just want to find trouble. If you are so clever as to fight back, you are dumb in all aspects.
I am inconsiderate!

Don't you just hate inconsiderate people? For example, people who occupy 2 seats on buses, of which one of them is occupied by their bag. There are many more examples. For example..

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This uncle is blasting the volume of his PSP. The women in front of him wasn't able to take it and changed seat when the chance came. Talk about being inconsiderate.
Too lazy to finish.

Norman Au.

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