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Thursday, April 12, 2007

True Files

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Welcome to True Files. You may be wondering what is True Files. Well, True Files tells you of what things should have been like instead of what some adults said ( also known as liars ). Yes. Lies that fairy tales have told, all of them are harmful to the willful minds of little children. True Files gives you the result you want, that is :

1) Straight to the point
2) Accurate in judgment
3) Evidence supporting

(True Files)Fairy Tale1: Rapunzel

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In this fairy tale, a girl with extremely long hair combs her hair everyday until she gets napped by a witch who transported her up into a castle forever. Nevermind the fact that her hair will drag along the floor as she walk everyday as her hair is too long, which will lead to damaged hair, she is still pretty(according to the writer).

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Later, a prince came and saw that she was trapped. The prince tried to climb her damaged hair and as a result, more hair fell off and due the the weight of the prince, Rapunzel's head broke off, and the prince died a bloody death.

The moral of the story:
Girls shouldn't keep hair longer than 5cm.
Boys shouldn't think that hairs are ropes.


(True Files)Fairy Tale2: Little Red riding hood

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0% similarity.

One fine day, little red riding hood decided to visit her grandmother. Later did she knew that her grandmother had been eaten by a wolf a week ago and has been digested throughly and turned into wolf shit.

Upon reaching her grandmother's house, she knocked on the door. The wolf barked in her sweetest growl "COME IN DARLING". The naive little girl then proceed to tell the wolf what she saw

Grandmother, what sharp teeth you have!
Grandmother, what hairy body you have!
Grandmother, what sharp nose you have!
Grandmother, what brown skin you have!
Grandmother, what deep voice you have!

Then it happened. The wolf went for a huge bite off the little girl, and tore her arm off in the process. Somehow or rather, the wolf got a stomach upset and the little girl's grandmother was free from the wolf's stomach at last, in the form of shit.



Norman Au.

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