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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Being allergic to something can be good or bad. Why? Lets say you are a boy and you are allergic to other penises. That could very well save your life( Just imagine the other party is an aids carrier). On the other hand, you could be a boy that is allergic to vagina. If thats so, you are so dead.

Your parents are going to kill you on the spot because you can't carry on the family line.

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Your penis simply sucks! Your mother will be angry!

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But hey! They can be put into good use if you do not want to go to school. Let your teacher be a male, and you are allergic to penises. Pass a letter to your friend to pass it to your teacher. This letter should tell the teacher why you did not turn up for school.

Dear Mr Tan,

I am _________(This is you). I will be sick today if i come school because I am allergic to penises. I realized that whenever I stand near to you, I will have breathing difficulties and rashes( which are the symptoms of my allergy).

I know the way to solve the problem is not by skipping school. I will eventually still have to come to school to learn, otherwise I will not be promoted to Secondary 4. Therefore for the welfare of the students(especially me), I propose that you Mr Tan, cut off your penis.

By cutting off your penis, pupils can come back to school again to catch up on what they have missed out on. Thus, i hope that you will cooperate with me and cut off your penis as soon as possible in order to minimize the stress on these pupils.

Think about it. Be creative. Make sure that if you are allergic to something, make good use of it. If people insult you, tell yourself " They are jealous because I am special. "


Norman Au.

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