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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Lets just face it, fliers = propaganda. Companies nowadays just can't survive without propaganda anymore, reason being that they have one great quality most people want to have, but can't reach that limit anyway.

Totally inept at everything they do (except propaganda. Hell they suck it it too)

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This statement isn't baseless. In fact, scientists have said that it is true that most companies are totally inept in everything they do except propaganda. Scientists like Albert Einstein himself. I've taken the initiative to type out what what he said: "Companies are totally inept at everything they do except propaganda. What they know is to write a load full of rubbish and prompt you into subscribing as a member under their company's name and become a living advertisement for them. They don't even know what is inside an proton. Look at me, I know. There are quarks. I am different. I am an exceptionally adroit physicist."

By the way, after months of studies, i found out the key factors as to why they are inept at everything.

1) They have classy names like "Adam"
Whats wrong with the name? EVERYTHING!!! You ever heard of one of this popular belief? Adam is believed to be the first person alive created by God. Why the hell do people name their children Adam. Perhaps ...they believe that their child is the first monster created by God? Maybe when I have a child, I'll name my child Hitler if it's a boy, and Stalin if it's a girl.

2)They actually prefer yahoo than google.
1 word: Abnormal.

3)They watch "x idol", where x can be any country.
Watching it is as good as staring at the wall. You watch a show, featuring someone getting famous, while you just sit comfortably at home and vote for some idiot. I don't even understand how such a program is allowed to be shown on television. If these type of show can be so popular, maybe i should make my own show featuring how much of a genius I actually am. (People who disagree can go to hell)

4)They eat fishballs
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
A Fish ball and a Fish

First of all fishballs don't even look like fish. Fish balls are white, round, and usually choke babies to death. Fish don't. Oh wait, they kill babies by letting them swallow their bones. But they still look different anyway. A fishball lives on land. Fishes don't. Once they reach land, they die. Just think: Do fishermen fish for fish...or fishballs? A fish can swim, while a fishball can roll. I mean, what the fuck??? Why can't people just start eating fish and not artificial balls??? Is it so hard to not eat balls for once? Oh yah. Male fish have balls.

I think I totally went off topic, but it doesn't matter anyway.


Norman Au.

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