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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunglasses Rules
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Sun glasses rocks. I wonder who created it. Really, it rocks. Instead of just blocking light rays from the sun, there are a couple of other things you can do by making use of its components. Yes, abusing it. Maybe, the person who invented sunglasses did not plan to really use it for blocking light rays from the sun! Maybe...

Let the person be 'it'.

Situation 1) Not enough money

It wanted some money. It has no talent. None at all, the only way is to beg for money. And it would act as if it is blind.
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As you can see, no one would believe what it said because people can see that it have eyes. So it thought of a great idea..and it worked. Sunglasses!

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Situation 2) He is a PERVERT

It is a guy. He's a pervert. He wanted to peep at girls vagina. What did it do? After thinking for quite a while, i found out that it

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It was horrible. He was immediately kicked in the groin area. For those who don't know what has been kicked, it's a penis( pronounced as 'pe- nus' ). He is now without a penis, but he is still a pervert. So he invented sunglasses, and nothing of that happened again.

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He succeeded, and NEVER AGAIN was he kicked in the penis.


Norman Au.

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