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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Note: this is an extremely bias post.

Boys shouldn't have mood swing. You can't have. You don't have menstruation. You don't have menopause. Your penis don't suddenly bleed. Stop giving yourself excuses to show off your fucking attitude boys (not referring to anyone in particular). You DON'T HAVE MOOD SWING!

ANY boy who claims he have a mood swing is a liar, because no boys should have it. The only group of boys I know of who CAN actually have the potential to have mood swings are those who have both penis and vagina.

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Think about it. Do you really want to have a penis and a vagina...AND NO BALLS??? That is what will happen if you are going to have mood swing..if you are a boy that is. If you are a girl you are going to be just okay and stay with just one vagina.(Don't ask me how do i know that, because I know everything and should never be questioned.)

Heres what you should do if you see a guy who claims he have mood swing.

Ask him straight "Do you have both penis and vagina and no BALLS?" Then tell him "If no, you do not have mood swing because you can't menstruate if you don't have a vagina. If you cant menstruate, you don't have mood swing."

If the guy claims that he only have one penis, no vagina and have BALLS, and he is still positive he have mood swing, beware. YOU, MY FRIEND, IS TALKING TO A SEX-CHANGE PATIENT. He is actually an it. That is, you do not know what gender it is. It might just suddenly be horny and rape you(no matter what gender you are, as it is after all, half man, half women). When you realize it, do not panick. End all conversation with it. SPRINT to the nearest police station you can find and seek help. They are trained for dealing with these matters.

A word of warning though. Never ever attempt to handle the monster ALONE. You will definitely, 100%, sure to get raped. It is of extreme danger. You don't want to get rape.


Norman Au.

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