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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Where do we come from?
By reading this post, you agree that this post does not insult anything. It is just crap.
"Where do we come from?". This question has been asked by millions of people that lived thousands of years ago and till now, people are still looking for the answer. The reason why people are so curious about this is because all of us wants to know how we come by to such intelligent beasts.

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Since then, countless theories have been formed. Here are some of the most famous ones.
Einstein Theory of monkeys.

Countless experiments have been made just to get a definite answer for this particular question, although the answer will not benefit us in any significant ways.

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Albert Einstein (March 14, 1879 - April 18, 1955) was a physicist and mathematician who proposed the theory of evolution. He also made major contributions to the development of quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics and cosmology, and is generally regarded as the most important monkey of the 20th century. He was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize for Physics for his explanation of the photoelectric effect and "for his services to Theoretical Physics"; however, the announcement of the award was not made until a year later, in 1922, the year when the first big foot was spotted.

This of course, added to his suspicion that monkeys actually do have the intellect to deceive human beings that they were stupid, but they aren't. In 1924, 2 years after massive research on the theory of evolution, Einstein quickly solved the mystery. He set up a simple experiment.

1)A caged monkey
2)Einstein himself
3)Lie detector.

Albert Einstein questioned a caged monkey several question, each time with a lie detector beside it. It turned out that monkeys are either extremely clever or plain dumb. Its either they tricked the lie detector...or simply is telling the truth.

Men Theory of Magic

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This theory is the oldest one known to man. This is the believe in Magic.. . This theory tells us that everything magically appears by itself, of which includes humans. This theory is dated so old that people of that century believed that an eclipse is actually the act of a dragon swallowing the sun.

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(Enlightened guy with a smile, namely SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR)

This particular theory greatly contradicts with modern science, though. We no longer have atoms, electrons, protons. Everything is simple, as it is. Everything is the creation of something out of nothing.

Periodic table.

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Thomas Edison Theory of ET( Extraterrestrial)

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Over hundreds of years, millions of unexplainable objects and happenings ( For example, the crop circle) has been found and occurring. There is only one way to uncover these mysteries once and for all.

In short, this theory tells us that all of us (lifeforms) are Aliens, (those little green man with huge, black shiny eyes you see on Television) are actually us. We belong to an entirely different galaxy. Rather unfortunately, some of us climbed onto a meteorite and the meteorite flew and hit Earth.

This also means that we are directly related to all animals, insects, and other living creatures on Earth. The next time you decide to run away from a cockroach, think again. You and it are actually relatives. Having sex with insects are animals will be seem as normal.

This absurd theory causes people to believe that Thomas Edison is an ET, therefore have so much knowledge into this. It is highly possible, since no one else came up with such a theory before.

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Besides, Thomas Edison could have had given himself the name "Thomas Edison" because he is an ET. if you take out the first letters of his name, it would turn out to be TE. Not forgetting the fact that at that time, its fashionable to call others by inverting their names. Therefore, if you actually try to invert his name and take out the first letters of each, The 2 letter that are left behind are actually


Coincidence? You decide!
Norman Theory of M.V

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M.V stands for Mother's Vagina.
This theory, one of the most famous yet, is made by the great Norman. Norman claims that all of us come from our Mother's vagina. It doesn't matter who you are, boy or girl, we emerged from a vagina, and slowly but surely, starts growing, and eventually into what we are now.

Unlike all other theories, this theory actually does have scientific prove. Ask your mother for more information regarding this theory.

After reading these four theories, you should at least have your own opinion of which theory is the correct one, if not, you are gay(doesn't matter what gender you actually are), since gay are not allowed to have opinions anyway.

So...which theory do you believe in? ( Poll will end on 1st July)



Norman Au.

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