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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fuck 'real' Music.

After a long consideration of whether or not to make this post, I decided to make it.

Some people obviously, in a bid to defend their favourite band which was in fact proven to play sucky songs, will definitely say this to you " You don't know what is real music lah, don't talk anyhow! You listen to *insult your choice of genre*"

My initial reaction to the phrase " You don't know real music.." was WHAT THE FUCK IS REAL MUSIC!?!? There is no such thing! And it's true. I always back up my idea with evidence, and here it is.

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Talk about a desperate attempt to cover up for sucky songs. Some people just isn't aware that everyone likes different songs. Only stupid people likes a certain band or singer, because the singer and band surely will not come up with kickass song all the way, and will certainly make a shit song once in a while.

Just like Fast And Furious: Tokyo drift. Seriously, no song is worse than that. First of all, just by looking at the name, I know it sucks already. Who the hell would be able to come up with a nice song about Tokyo? So if no one can make a nice song for Tokyo, lets all try to make a nice song for a drifting Tokyo.

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and when it drifts too fast..





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I wonder if you know
How they live in Toyko
If you see me then you mean it
Then you know you have to go
Fast and furious (Tick, Tick, Tick)
Fast and furious (Tick, Tick, Tick)

[Japanese verse]

I see many many diamonds danglin
Back for the money keep stranglin
Hate me, fry me, bake me, try me
All the above cuz you can't get in
I don't want to put up with them
Because we put a fresh ....
Make you, shake you, .... (Thank you!)
Haters ..................

[Japanese verse]


[Japanese verse]

Should see me in the parking lot
7-11 is the spot
Mice with wings and shiny things
And lions, tigers, bears, Oh my ride
We're furious and fast
Super sonic like JJ Phat
An' we rock cuz the wheels are fly
Can't be doubt with a bastball bat

[Japanese verse]


[Japanese verse]

It's gotta be the shoes
Gotta be the furs
That's why ladies choose me
All up in the news
Cuz we so cute
That's why we so huge
Not a Chinaman cuz I ain't from China man
I am Japan man

[Girls Talking]
You see him come and go out of the black Benz SLR.
I wonder where he get's that kind of money?
Don't worry about it.
Lets Go


Damn the shitty lyrics. Damn the English. In fact, nothing of the lyrics is good. Nothing. If i am given a choice of listening to this song or to run 2.4km run, I'll choose the latter. Wait, this isn't even a song. I don't get it. How can anyone think this is a song???
Back to the main point: There is no real music. If there is, it will be punk rock and death metal. Definitely not blues, jazz, pop or anything near.


Norman Au.

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