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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Transition Lens
Transition Lens company is an asshole company. They give stupid advertisement. Look at this.

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I'd really wished to tick one, but then i realized it's just another stupid advertisement with a person smiling for no reason(the company probably want people to think that anyone who uses that product is happy).

Look at the options they give you. TICK ONE!
*Risk having eye diseases later on in life
*Wear a pair of transition lens

I can easily think of what the company will do for an advertisement next.
*Wear a pair of transition lens

*Become HIV positive
*Wear a pair of transition lens

*Tortured from 99 days
*Wear a pair of transition lens
I'm trying to say that this is common sense. Obviously people will rather wear transition lens then have eye diseases. But the thing is, one might still get eye diseases even if they wear transition lens.

And by giving those two options, they are giving people the impression that normal glasses suck and shouldn't be worn at all. I hate this ad.


Norman Au.

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hey, i do this blog thing for work, but i happened across yours while wastign some time... You have a Great sense of humor. Keep it up!

Sarah @ Abes

By Blogger Abes of Maine, at June 06, 2007 11:34 PM  

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